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SQL Server DBA Course Content

Module 1: Installation ,Upgradation,Configuration

SQL Server 2016 Installation
Server Components and Purpose
Firewall Options and Instance Rules
Service Accounts, Purpose and Usage
Authentication Modes & Logins
Instance Configuration Options
Testing Multiple Installations
Management Studio (SSMS) Tool Usage
Shared Features and Client Components
Troubleshooting the failed Instance
Moving the System Dbs

SQL Server Upgrade and Hot Fixes and RollBack

Establishing Downtime For Maintenance
Precautions for Maintenance Activities
Service Packs and Patch/hotfix Activities
Server Upgrades and Precautions
Planning for Maintenance Activities
Pre Database Maintenance Activities
Post Database Maintenance Activities

Upgradation : Side by Side Migration

Steps for doing the Side by Side Migration
Migration with Backup and Restore Method
Migration with Copy Database Wizard
Migration with Attach and Detach Method
Migration of the Logins and Fixing Orphan users
Crosscheck after Migration
Process Plan for doing the Migration
Steps to be taken Prior to Migration
Troubleshoot if any issues with Migration
Merits/Demirits of theSide by Side Migration
Migration of the Jobs and SSIS packages
Import and Export utility
Scripts for copying the tables with data

Configuration of the SQL Server 2016

Configuration of the Network Protocols
Dedicated Administator Connection(DAC) configuration
Configuration of the Database Mails,Operators,Alerts
Database (DB) Mail Configurations
Securing DB Profiles : SMTP Accounts
DB Mail Profiles and Public Tokens
Creating Operators and Emails
What is RAID Levels and chosing the Best suited for All DBs
Database Configurations
Attaching and detaching SQL Server databases.


What is TempDB
Optimization of TempDB
Curroption of TempDB
How to troubleshoot and avoid common tempdb issues
How to monitor and tune tempdb performance

Managing The Services

Starting and Stopping the SQL Server Services
Configuration Manager
Net commands
Command Prompts and SQL CMD
Starting the Dbs in Single user Mode
Starting in Minimal Mode and case study
Resolving the issues System DBs
Rebuilding the System Dbs and Master Db

Module 2 Architecture

What is a database and a database management system (DBMS)
Tasks of a Database Administrator
ACID Properties
The Life Cycle of a Query
The Relational and Storage Engines
The Buffer Pool
A Basic Select Query
A Simple Update Query
Difference between Checkpoint and LazyWriter
Types of System Dbs
Startup Parameters
Licencing of SQL Server

Pages &Extents

Pages & Types of Pages
Extents and Types of Extents
Managing Extents

File and File Groups & Database Design Concepts

Real Time handling Log file issues
Database Catalog and Storage Options
Data Files : Purpose and Storage
Filegroups : Purpose and Usage
Log files : Purpose and Audits
Virtual Log files and DMVs for troubleshooting
Shrinking the Log files
Sizing and Placement – Data Files
Sizing and Placement – Log Files
Locations and Sizing Recommendations
Filegrowth and MAXSIZE Options
Scripting Database Structures

Module 3: Security ,Automation and Monitoring

Security Architecture
Fixing the Server Roles
Creating Logins
Creation of the Alias
Fixed Database Roles
Database Users
Grating object level permissions
Schemas and User Mappings – Usage

Automation Administrative Tasks

SQL Server Agent and Monitoring the Agent logs
Troubleshooting the Jobs with help of Logs and Event Logs
Steps for creation of Jobs with different steps(CMD,SSIS etc)
Job Activity Monitor and History Deletes
Testing Job Failures and Notifications
Database Maintenance Plans (SSIS)
DB Maintenance Strategies & Schedules
Backup Files and Space Management
Reorganizing Indexes with DB Maint. Plans

Monitoring SQL Server

Monitoring tools used for SQL Server Monitoring
Log file Viewer and Maintenace of Log File Viewer
Activity Monitor
Database reports
Monitoring Processes in T-SQL
sp_who and sp_who2
Multiserver Management
Central Management Servers and Server Groups
Trace Flags

Module 4 : Backup and Restore

Backups with T-SQL Scripts

Backups Concept and Mechanism
Backups Usage and Limitations
Data Backups – Syntax and Types
Log Backup Mechanism and Use
Tuning Database Backup Operations
File Backups and Filegroup Backups
Remote Backups and Security Options
Backup Jobs and SQL Agent Service
Scheduling Backups & Strategies

Backups, Restores and Recovery

Compatibility, Recovery Model Options
Working with Recovery Models & Backups
Backups using UI and SSMS Tool
COPY_ONLY Backups and Importance
Point-In-Time Restores & Recovery
Overwrite Options for DB Restores
Realtime issuse with backup management
VLDB optimization

Module 5: High Availability and Replication

Log Shiping

Log Shipping Overview
Configutation of the Log Shipping
Deploy Log Shiping
Log Shipping Role Changing
How to deal with Log Sync issues

SQL Server Mirroring

DB Mirroring Architecture & Use
Mirroring Configuration Scenarios
Backups & Restores for Mirrors
Automatic Fail-Over Procedures
Manual Fail-over Options & Scenarios
PARTNER OFFLINE Conditions & Options
DB Mirror Monitors and Commit Loads

Awayson Avaliability Groups

Availability Group Replicas and Roles
Availability Modes
Types of Failover Supported
Allowing Read-Only Access to Secondary Replicas
Availability Group Example
Confi gure a New Availability Group
Confi gure an Existing Availability Group
Availability Group Failover Operation
Secondary Replica Client Connectivity
AlwaysOn Group Dashboard
Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Windows Clustering

Understanding SQL Clustering Need
SQL Server Clustering Architecture
Windows Server Installation Options
SP Installation and Quorum Options
Verifying SQL Cluster Installation
Software RAID Configuration and Issues

SQL Cluster Configuration

SQL Server Cluster Installation (VM)
Add Nodes to SQL Server Cluster
SQL Group and AD Syncup Operations
SAN System for Shared Data Storage


Replication Overview
Replication Components
Replication Types
Implementing Replication
Setting Up Snapshot Replication
Setting Up Distribution
Implementing Snapshot Replication
Implementing Transactional
Scripting Replication
Monitoring Replication
Replication Monitor
Replication DMVs

Module 6: Performance and Optimization

Understanding the Memory

Windows and Memory
Physical Memory
Tuning 32-Bit Systems
Tuning 64-Bit Systems
SQL Server Memory
Understanding Wait Statistics

Locking and Latches

Locks an currency
Lock Types
Blocking and how to monitor the blocking
DMVs for monitoring the blocking
Impact of blocking and how to improve the blocking
Audits – SQL Server Profiler Tool Usage


What is Deadlock
Tace flag 1204 and 1222
capture teh Deadlocks from graph and Profilers
How the deadlocks are cleared
How the deadlocks managed by SQL Server

Indexes Architecture

Table and Index Architecture
CLuster and Non Cluster indexes
What is Heap
Cluster index structure
Non Cluster index structure
Index fragementation
Scan and Seek in indexes.
Missing indexes.
DMVs for checking the indexes
What is DTA
SQL Trace and Server Trace
What is Wait stats and DMVs

CPU Utilization

Common Causes of High CPU Usage
Missing indexes
Outdated statistics
Performance counters for Disk I/Os
What is Paging and Page Fault
Types for Page Fault
Dynamic Management Views
Types of Wait Stats and Causes

Highlights of Microsoft SQL Server DBA Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server DBA Online Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies  for Microsoft SQL Server DBA Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Microsoft SQL Server DBA Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

What is SQL Server 2008/RDBMS?

As you most likely know, SQL Server 2008 is primarily thought of as a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It is certainly that, but it is also much more.

SQL Server 2008 can be more accurately described as an Enterprise Data Platform. It offers many new features and even more enhanced or improved features from previous editions of the product. In addition to traditional RDBMS duty, SQL Server 2008 also provides rich repo rting capabilities, powerful data analysis, and data mining, as well as features that support asynchronous data applications, data-driven event notification, and more.

MS SQL Server (SQL Server)

The MS SQL Server service is the database engine. To connect and transact against a SQL Server 2008

database, the MS SQL Server service must be running. Most of the functionality and storage features of the database engine are controlled by this service.

The MS SQL Server service can be configured to run as the local system or as a domain user. If installed on Windows Server 2003, it can also be configured to run under the Network System account.

MS SQL Server OLAP Service (SQL Server Analysis Services)

MS SQL Server OLAP Service is the service that Analysis Services runs under. Analysis Services provides

the services and functionality to support all of SQL Server 2008‘s OLAP needs, as well as the new data mining engine included with SQL Server 2008.

SQL Browser (SQL Server Browser)

The SQL Browser service is used by SQL Server for named instance name resolution and server name enumeration over TCP/IP and VIA networks.

The default instance of SQL Server is assigned the TCP port 1433 by default to support client communication. However, because more than one application cannot share a port assignment, any named instances are given a random port number when the service is started. This random port

assignment makes it difficult for clients to connect to it, because the client applications don‘t know what port the server is listening on. To meet this need, the SQLBrowser service was created.

MS DTS Server (SQL Server Integration Services)

The MS DTS Server service provides management and storage support for SSIS. Although this service is not required to create, store, and execute SSIS packages, it does allow for the monitoring of SSIS

package execution and displaying of a hierarchical view of SSIS packages and folders that are stored in different physical locations.

Report Server (SQL Server Reporting Services)

The Report Server service is the process in which Reporting Services runs. The service is accessible as a Web service and provides for report rendering, creation, management, and deploying.

What Are The Prerequisites To Learn Sql Server DBA?

Our Experienced trainers will teach from basics, if you have a basic idea of relational databases is an added advantage for this course.

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