KITS Online Training Institute provides the best Splunk Admin training Course by our highly professional certified trainer. Splunk is a horizontal technology used for application management, security, and compliance, as well as business and web analytics. Splunk (the product) captures, indexes and correlates real-time data in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards, and visualizations. We are delighted to be one of the best leading IT online training with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies also we are offering other courses like DellBoomi online training

Splunk Admin Course Content

Admin Content

 Chapter 1                                                                                  

Splunk Overview

Splunk Packages

Splunk components and capabilities

Lab Setup

Basic Linux commands

Installation pre-requisites

Splunk Full Package installation

Splunk Forwarder installation

Understanding the difference


Port Change


Chapter 2

Forwarding and Receiving

Testing to default and custom index

Sourcetype and metadata creation



Same data to two groups

Load balancing

Discard Historical data

Input filters

Adding Search head component

 Chapter 3

What is Forwarder Management

Deployment server setup

Deployments clients setup

Troubleshooting & managing

 Chapter 4

Line breaking

Epoch time

Timestamp extraction

props and transforms

Log file resizing


Splunk Upgradation

Throughput Changes

Queue concept

 Chapter  5

What is Heavy forwarder

Metadata Override

Discard Garbage data

Anonymize the PS Data


Disable Splunk Web

Chapter 6

SNMP configuration

Fishbucket configuration

Sourcetype renameing

Dispatch directory size

Chapter 7

CSV Extraction

Adding custom time range

Concurrent search quota

Users roles and authentication

Chapter 8

Storage Size calculation

Index creation

Custom index creation

Indexing Cluster theory

Indexing Cluster Implementation

Multisite Designing

Cluster management


Chapter 9

Search head cluster

Role of Deployer


Chapter 10

Internal Log Analysis

Architecture Planning


Configuration file Overview

Highlights of Splunk Admin training:-

*  Very in-depth course material with Real-Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Splunk Admin Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies for Splunk Admin Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real-time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Splunk Admin Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.


Splunk is an advanced technology that shows and extracts log files stored in a system. It provides operational intelligence by analyzing machine-generated data.

“More than 6,000 enterprises, universities, government agencies and service providers in over 90 countries use Splunk Enterprise to gain Operational Intelligence”-Hortonworks

It is a technology which provides a platform for analysis, monitoring, searching and visualizing the bulk amount of system generated data.

It simply works with the help of the web browser and algorithm.



  • Splunk was introduced by Rob Das and Eric Swan in the year 2002.
  • Splunk name came after the term “lunk.ing”
  • In the middle of 2004, the first version of the Splunk was launched. Steadily it spread among the companies.



splunk online training



  • It started working as the ‘Google’ for log files.
  • Searches using simpler terms with the help of Search Processing Language (SPL).
  • Does not require any backend or any database as it stores data directly in the Splunk file system.
  • Not a single point of failure is encountered.


For Analytics Managers, Machine Learning Professionals and System Administrators Splunk is the most suitable course.

Beginners also can easily learn Splunk course.

It requires no technical background to learn this course. It requires only a bachelor Degree.


With the landscape of huge knowledge ever-changing each alternative day, various technologies area unit coming back in limelight. but few of them have created a mark with their performances. It’s one in all such booming technologies. Its growing demand and suitableness to candidates having various instructional backgrounds make it a horny field of opportunities. Therefore if you wish to create a career within the domain of information analytics, learning this technology will certainly make sure your success in future.

“In USA, the average Splunk salaries for job postings nationwide are 80% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide”-indeed.com



  •  Support, maintain and expand Splunk infrastructure in a highly resilient configuration
  • Standardized Splunk agent deployment, configuration, and maintenance across a variety of UNIX and Windows   platforms
  • Troubleshoot Splunk server and agent problems and issues Monitor the agent and server infrastructure for capacity planning and optimization
  • Design core Systems performance and troubleshooting logs
  • Support Splunk on Unix, Linux, and Windows-based platforms
  • Research, design, evaluate and recommend major hardware and software enhancements for the infrastructure environment
  • Interpret and implement system standards, processes and security specifications to maintain System IT standards
  • Maintains expertise in specific technical disciplines and serves a subject matter expert


Prerequisite knowledge on Search Engines and knowledge on windows operating system helpful during the Splunk Online Training.


After finish, the course we provide Splunk course finished certificate of kits technologies looks like

splunk online training


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