In SAP FICO, FI is known as  Financial Accounting and CO is known as Controlling. This FICO is the majority used to evaluate and monitor the financial state of the business. Kits Online Training provides the best training on SAP FICO by live experts. This SAP FICO online training course starts with the need for SAP FICO and also lets you know the evaluation and monitoring of the financial state of the business. Moreover, this SAP FICO Training also lets you know the reports scheduling and creations.

This FICO Course suits best for all kinds of people from all domain. You people can acquire hands-on experience on all those concepts from live experts in a short period. Moreover, this SAP FICO Course shows you the way to clear SAP FICO Certification. Besides SAP FICO, kits provide the best knowledge on various platforms like ABAP, HANA, FICO, and so on with live uses and make you master in IT platform

SAP FICO Online Training Course Content

Introduction to SAP R/3

  •     Introduction to ERP,  Advantages of SAP over other ERP Packages
  •     Introduction to SAP R/3 FICO

Financial Accounting Basic Settings:

  •     Definition of  company
  •     Definition  of company code
  •     Assignment of company to company code
  •     Definition of business area
  •     Definition of fiscal year variant
  •     Assignment of fiscal year variant to company code
  •     Definition of posting period variant
  •     Assignment of posting period variant to company code
  •     Open and close posting period
  •                        Defining document type & number ranges
  •                        Maintenance  of field status variants
  •                        Assignment of field status variant to company code
  •                        Definition of tolerance groups for GL accounts
  •                        Definition of tolerance groups for employees
  •                        Assignment of tolerance groups   to users
  •                        Taxes on Sales & Purchases (input & output)
  •                        Creation of chart of Accounts
  •                        Defining Accounts Groups
  •                        Defining Retained Earnings Account.

General Ledger Accounting:

  •     Creation of General Ledger Master (with and with out reference)
  •     Display/Change/Block/Unblock of general ledger master
  •     Document Entry posting normal postings and posting with reference
  •     Display and change of documents
  •     Display of GL balances
  •     Display GL account line items
  •                        Reversal of individual documents, mass reversal , reversal of cleared items and reversal of accrual and deferral documents
  •                        Defining Exchange Rate types and Translation ratios
  •                        Define Exchange rates &  posting of foreign currency transactions
  •                         Interest calculations on term loans
  •                        Accrual and Deferral  documents

Accounts Payable

  •     Creation of vendor account groups
  •     creation of number ranges for vendor master records
  •     assignment of number ranges  to vendor account groups
  •     Creation of tolerance group for venders
  •     Creation of vendor master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
  •     Posting of vendor transactions (invoice posting, payment posting, credit memo)
  •     Settings for advance payments to parties (down payment) and clearing of down payment against invoices (special GL transactions)
  •     Posting of partial Payment & Residual Payment
  •     Creation of payment terms,
  •                        Creation of house banks and account ids.
  •                        Creation of check lots and maintenance of check register
  •                        display check register
  •                        cancellation of  un issued checks
  •                         creation of void reasons
  •                        cancellation of issued checks
  •                        posting of purchase returns
  •                        Configuration of automatic payment program
  •                        Payment to vendors through APP
  •                        Defining correspondence & party statement of accounts

Accounts receivable:

  •     Creation of customer account groups
  •     creation of number ranges for customer master records
  •     assignment of number ranges  for customer account groups
  •     Creation of tolerance group for customers
  •     Creation of customer master (display/change/block/unblock of vender master)
  •     Posting of customer transactions (sales invoice posting, payment posting, debit memo)
  •     Settings for advance payment from parties (down payment)
  •     Configuration of settings for dunning
  •     generating the dunning letters
  •                        defining correspondence and party statement of accounts
  •                        posting of sales returns

Asset Accounting

  •     Defining chart of depreciation
  •     creation of 0% tax codes for sales and purchased
  •     assignment of  chart of depreciation to company code
  •     Defining account determination
  •     definition of screen lay out rules
  •     definition of number ranges for asset classes
  •     Integration with General Ledger & Posting rules
  •     Defining Depreciation key
  •     definition of multilevel methods
  •                        definition of period control methods
  •                        creation of main asset master records
  •                        creation of sub asset master records
  •                        Acquisition  of fixed assets
  •                        sale of fixed assets
  •                        transfer of assets
  •                        Scrapping of assets,
  •                        Depreciation run

New General ledger accounting:

  •     Parallel ledgers
  •     document splitting
  •     Segments.


  •     1.Financial statement version
  •     General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Assets Reports


Basic settings for controlling

  •     Defining Controlling Area
  •     Defining Number ranges for Controlling Area
  •     Maintain Planning Versions

Cost element accounting:

  •     creation of primary cost elements from  financial accounting area
  •     creation of primary cost elements from controlling area
  •     display of cost element master records
  •     change cost element master records
  •     primary cost element categories
  •     secondary cost element categories
  •     default account assignments

Cost Center Accounting

  •     Defining Cost Center Standard Hierarchy
  •     Creation of Cost Centers and cost center groups
  •     display cost center master records
  •     change cost center master records
  •     creation of cost center groups
  •      posting to cost centers
  •     reposting of co line items
  •     Repost of Costs
  •     planning for cost centers
  •                        Overhead Calculation
  •                        creation of secondary cost element master records
  •                        Creation and Execution of Distribution Cycle
  •                        creation and execution of assessment cycles
  •                        cost center reports

Internal Orders

  •     Defining order types
  •     Creation of internal order master records
  •     display internal order master records
  •     change internal order master records
  •     postings to internal orders
  •     planning for internal orders
  •     reposting co line items for internal orders
  •     repost of costs for internal orders
  •     Report of Variance analysis for internal orders
  •                        creation of real internal orders
  •                         posting  of business transaction to real orders
  •                        definition of allocation structures
  •                        definition of settlement profiles
  •                        definition of planning profiles
  •                        settlement of real internal orders
  •                        budgeting and availability control
  •                        maintain number ranges for budgeting
  •                        define tolerances for availability control
  •                        specification of exempt cost elements fr4om availability control
  •                        maintenance of budget manager

Profit Center Accounting

  •     Basic Settings for Profit Center Accounting
  •     Creation of Dummy Profit Centers
  •     maintenance of control parameters for actual postings
  •     Maintaining planning versions for profit centers
  •     maintaining the number ranges for profit center documents
  •     Creation of profit center master records
  •     display of profit center master records
  •     changing the profit center master records
  •     Creation of revenue cost elements
  •                        Automatic Assignment of Revenue elements for Profit Centers
  •                        assignment of  profit centers in cost center master records
  •                        creation of account groups in profit center accounting for planning
  •                        planning for profit and loss account items
  •                        planning for balance sheet items
  •                        posting of transactions  into profit centers
  •                        generating the variance reports for profit and loss account items
  •                        Generating the variance reports for balance sheet items.

Profitability analysis

  • Maintaining the operating concern
  • Define profitability segment characteristics
  • Assignment of controlling area to operating concern
  • Activating the profitability analysis
  • Define number ranges for actual postings
  • Mapping of SD conditions types to COPA value fields
  • Creation of reports
  • Viewing the reports


ntegration of financial accounting with materials management:

  • Definition of organizational units in materials management i.e. plant, storage location and purchase organization
  • Assignemnt of organizational units to each other
  • Definition of tolerance groups for purchase orders
  • Definition of tolerance groups for goods receipt
  • Definition of tolerance groups for invoice verification
  • Definition of vendor specific tolerances
  • Creation, display and change of material master records
  • Creation of plant parameters
  • Maintenance of posting periods for materials management
  • Mainternace of parameters for invoice verification
  • Maintenance of plant parameters for inventory management and  physical inventory
  • Definition of attributes for material types
  • Assignment of GL accounts for material transactions in financial accounting

(Integration of MM with FI)

  • Creation of purchase order, posting of goods receipt, invoice verification and

Goods issue for production

Integration of financial accounting with sales and distribution:

  1.     Definition of sale s organization
  2.     definition  of distribution channels
  3.     definition of divisions
  4.     assignment  among various organizational units in SD
  5.     definition of partner functions
  6.     definitions of shipping point and loading points
  7.     definition of pricing procedures
  8.     determining  the shipping points
  9.     determining the pricing procedures
  10.    maintenance of  SD condition types
  11.    maintenance of condition records
  12.     assignment of GL accounts for  sales transactions( integration of FI with SD)
  13.    creation of sales order
  14.     initialization of stock
  15.    posting  the delivery of goods
  16.  creating the sales invoice.

Highlights of SAP FICO Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for SAP Fico Online Trainings.

*  We provide Case studies  for SAP Fico Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We  provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for SAP Fico Online Training.

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What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO Stands for FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling). SAP FICO is the important module of ERP and both FI and CO modules stores the financial transactions data.


  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. ERP software integrates all facets of an operation, including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.
  • ERP software is considered an enterprise application as it is designed to be used by larger businesses and often requires dedicated teams to customize and analyze the data and to handle upgrades and deployment. In contrast, Small business ERP applications are lightweight business management software solutions, customized for the business industry you work in.
  • An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System is a fully integrated Business Management System covering the functional areas of an enterprise, such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Logistics and Production etc. (Anderson, 2011).

SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

  • SAP Financial Accounting (FI) is an important core module where in live-time, the financial processing transactions are all captured to provide the basis via which data is drawn for external reporting. This SAP FI Module is integrated with many parallel modules that enable a company to unify processes that may have needed the utilization of many software packages (Brinkmann – Zeilinger, 2000). .
  • SAP FI module deals in managing financial transactions within enterprises. This financial accounting module helps employees to manage data involved in any financial and business transactions in a unified system. This module functions very well for reporting requirements. The SAP FI module is very flexible and is functions well in any type of economic situation. Be it a smaller organization or a larger organization, SAP implementation helps in consolidating data for diverse business transactions and legal requirements. Financial Accounting module helps one to get real-time financial position of an enterprise in the market. SAP FI incorporates with other SAP modules such as SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP PP, Payroll and more for better work results.

SAP Controlling (CO)

  • SAP CO module is another important SAP modules offered to enterprises. The controlling module supports in the process works of planning, reporting and monitoring operations of businesses. It involves methods to view and organize costs that are required for financial reporting. Controlling module enables one to plan, track, perform and report about costs. Controlling includes managing and configuring master data that covers cost elements, cost centers, profit centers, internal orders, and functional area and so on.

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW)

  • SAP is the most important and greatest solution in enterprise resource planning (ERP), and one of its business intelligence (BI) solutions is SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW).
  • The Business Explorer Suite is a component of SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse. The Figure 1. overviews the BEx tolls’ integration into the SAP NetWeaver BW architecture. The SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform provides a series of other applications for an enterprise-wide, end-to-end reporting scenario that go far beyond the functional scope of the Business Explorer tools. (Dinkel et al., 2011)

The Business Explorer contains the under mentioned reporting tools:

  • BEx Query Designer,
  • BEx Analyzer,
  • BEx Web Analyzer,
  • BEx Web Application Designer,
  • BEx Report Designer
  • Information Broadcasting.
  • The BW query is the central reporting interface for analyzing Business Intelligence data within the SAP NetWeaver BW architecture. However, an SAP query can be used as a data source during extraction from SAP source systems to the BW system. When the term query is used within the connection of data analysis in a BW system, the BW query is meant. (Heilig et al., 2012)

Who should go for this SAP FICO training Course?

  • MBA finance graduates are suitable  
  • Chattered accountants and Auditors
  • Freshers also can learn SAP FICO Training.
  • SAP technical & functional professionals.

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