KITS Online Training Institute provides best SAP BODS Online Training by our highly professional certified trainers. SAP BODS is an ETL tool currently acquired by SAP. It is used for integration with all types of disparate systems, extracting data, transforming into meaningful information and loading into all types of systems. KITS also do corporate training’s and help them to train their employees. SAP BODS is a prominent ETL tool used to build Enterprise data warehouses and data mart. We also provide other related courses.

SAP BODS Course Content

What is a data warehouse?

  • Data Warehouse Functions & Implementation
  • Data Warehouse Products & Vendors
  • About SAP & Their Products
  • SAP’s Data Warehouse product-SAP BW
  • SAP BW functions, benefits & limitations
  • About Business Objects & their Products
  • SAP BO Product Portfolio- BI, EIM

SAP BO Data Service Overview

  • About Data Services-Introduction
  • Functions-Data Integration & Data Management
  • Data Services Product Evolution (ATL, DI & DQ)
  • Architecture-by Components
  • BO Data Services Tools & its Functions
  • BO Data Services Objects & Object Hierarchy
  • BODS Objects Naming Standards
  • BODS Objects Comparison with SAP BW Objects

SAP BO Data Services-Basic Level

  • Resiportary Manager-BODS Resiportary
  • Resiportary Types-Local, Central, Profile, Data Package
  • Resiportary Creation & Up gradation
  • Server Manager Job Server-Resipository Assignment
  • Management Console- Introduction & Components
  • Data Service Designer-Introduction & GUI
  • Getting Start with Designer to develop First ETL Flow

Data store & Formats

  • Data store-Overview & Types
  • Data store creation – DB, SAP, Adaptor, and Web service
  • Formats – Flat file, DTD, XSD, COBOL, copybooks
  • Data Extraction from Database Tables
  • Data Extraction from Excl Workbook- Multiple Sheets
  • ata Extraction from flat files (CSV, Notepad, and SAP Transport)
  • Data Extraction from XML FILE (DTD, XSD)
  • Data Extraction from COBOL Copybooks
  • Data Distribution to flat file & XML
  • Dynamic Extraction-File Selection & Sheet Selection

SAP BO Data Services-Transforms

  • Transforms & Category (DI, DQ, PF)
  • Data Integrator-Data Transfer, Date Generation
  • Data Integrator- Effective_Data, Hierarchy_Flatterning
  • Data-Integrator-History _Preserving, Key _Generation
  • Data Integrator-Pivot, Reserve_Pivot, XML_Pipeline
  • Platform-Case, Map_Operation, Merge, query
  • Platform-SQL, Validation, Custom ABAP Transform
  • Data Quality-Introduction, standard content directions
  • Data Quality-Dictionaries Configuration
  • Data-Country_ID, Geocoder, Global_Adress_Cleanse

SAP BO Data Services-Advance Level

  • BODS Admin Console-Administration, Auto Reporting
  • Real time Jobs, Embedded Data Flows
  • Variables, Parameters, Substitution Parameters, System Config
  • Debugging, Recovery Mechanism
  • Data Assessment-Data Profiling
  • BODS Performance Tuning Techniques
  • Multi-User Development Environment-Into & Advantages
  • Multi -User Environment-Implementation & Migration
  • BODS Objects Migration Techniques

Data Services-SAP Systems Handing

  • AP systems into, SAP Systems allowed, Terminology
  • SAP BODS and sap ERP/SAP BI Integration
  • SAP BODS User & Role Creation in SAP
  • SAP ERP -Data Flow, Interfaces, and Objects allowed to BODS
  • CREATING sap Application Data store-Properties
  • SAP ERP-Tables & Hierarchies Data Extraction
  • SAP ERP-Getting RFC enabled Functions Modules
  • SAP ERP-IDOC Data Extraction & IDOC Data Loading
  • SAP ERP- Extracting Flat files data from SAP APP Server
  • SAP BW-Data Flow, Interfaces Objects allowed to BODS
  • Creating SAP BW Source & SAP BW Target Data stores
  • SAP BW-Extracting Data from SAP BW info Providers-OHD
  • SAP BW -Extracting Data from SAP BW bases tables-/BIC/
  • SAP BW -Loading data to SAP BW info Providers (MD & TD)
  • SAP BW -BW Jobs Execution

Highlights of SAP BODS Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for SAP BODS Online Trainings.

*  We provide Case studies  for SAP BODS Online Training.

*  Scheduling  the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches are arranged for SAP BODS Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

What is SAP Data Services?

SAP Data Services gives a single enterprise level solution for data integration, transformation, data quality, data profiling and text data processing which allows us to:

  1. Build a trusted data warehouse platform using data integration, data transform and data profiling
  2. Provides single graphical user interface application for developers to build everything in the system.
  • Web based tools for managing application including the reporting on system runtime statistics, metadata, user maintenance.
  1. Enables organizations to maximize operational efficiency with single solution for data warehousing for improving data quality and integrating data from heterogeneous systems.
  2. The latest version of SAP Data Services is 4.2 as of 6/18/2015. SAP Data Services was actually two different components like Data Integrator (BODI) and Data Quality (BODQ) till the release of version 4.0 which was eventually combined into one and named it as SAP Data Services from later versions.

Note: Data Services was initially built by company called ‘Business Objects’ which got acquired by SAP in 2007. When SAP acquired Business Objects, they added SAP in front of all the tools which made ‘Business Objects Data Integrator/Quality (BODI/BODQ)’ to ‘SAP Business Objects Data Integrator/Quality (SAP BODI/SAP BODQ)’. When SAP released Data Services 4.1, they removed Business Objects and changed the name to ‘SAP Data Services’.

Data Services features

  • Instant trace ability with impact analysis and data lineage capabilities that include the data quality process
  • Data validation with dashboards and process auditing
  • Work flow design with exception handling (Try/Catch) and Recovery features
  • Multi-user support (check-in/check-out) and versioning via a central repository
  • Administration tool with scheduling capabilities and monitoring/dashboards
  • Transform management for defining best practices
  • Comprehensive administration and reporting tools
  • Scalable scripting language with a rich set of built-in functions
  • Interoperability and flexibility with Web services-based applications
  • High performance parallel transformations and grid computing
  • Debugging and built-in profiling and viewing data
  • Broad source and target support
  • applications (for example, SAP)
  • databases with bulk loading and CDC changes data capture
  • files: comma delimited, fixed width, COBOL, XML, Excel

Components of Data Services

The Data Services product consists of several components including:

  • Designer

The Designer allows you to create, test, and execute jobs that populate a data warehouse. It is a development tool with a unique graphical user interface. It enables developers to create objects, then drag, drop, and configure them by selecting icons in a source-to-target flow diagram. It allows you to define data mappings, transformations, and control logic. Use the Designer to create applications specifying work flows (job execution definitions) and data flows (data transformation definitions).

  • Job Server

The Job Server is an application that launches the Data Services processing engine and serves as an interface to the engine and other components in the Data Services suite.

  • Engine

The Data Services engine executes individual jobs defined in the application you create using the Designer. When you start your application, the Data Services Job Server launches enough engines to effectively accomplish the defined tasks.

  • Repository

The repository is a database that stores Designer predefined system objects and user-defined objects including source and target metadata and transformation rules. In addition to the local repository used by the Designer and Job Server, you can optionally establish a central repository for object sharing and version control.

The Designer handles all repository transactions. Direct manipulation of the repository is unnecessary except for:

  • Setup before installing Data Services

You must create space for a repository within your RDBMS before installing Data Services.

  • Security administration

Data Services uses your security at the network and RDBMS levels.

  • Backup and recovery

You can export your repository to a file. Additionally, you should regularly back up the database where the repository is stored.

  • Access Server

The Access Server passes messages between web applications and the Data Services Job Server and engines. It provides a reliable and scalable interface for request-response processing.

  • Administrator

The Web Administrator provides browser-based administration of Data Services resources, including:

  • Scheduling, monitoring, and executing batch jobs
  • Configuring, starting, and stopping real-time services
  • Configuring Job Server, Access Server, and repository usage
  • Configuring and managing adapters
  • Managing users
  • Publishing batch jobs and real-time services via Web services

The following diagram illustrates Data Services product components and relationships.

Who should go for this SAP BODS training Course?

  • IT & business intelligence professionals who want to hone their skills in SAP Business Objects
  • SAP BODSStudents & individuals who wants to make their career in Business Intelligence
  • SAP HANA Consultants
  • ETL Developers

What Are The Prerequisites To Learn SAP BODS?

1. Good knowledge in SQL and Data Warehousing concepts
2. Proficient in basic Unix Commands

Course Finished Certificate :

After finish, the course we provide SAP BODS course finished certificate of kits technologies looks like

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