KITS Online Training Institute provides best Load Runner Online Training by our highly professional trainers. HPE Load Runner is a software testing tool from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It is used to test applications, measuring system behavior and performance under load. HPE acquired Load Runner as part of its acquisition of Mercury Interactive in November 2006. We are also delighted to be one of the best leading IT online training with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. Load Runner online training is offered to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies. Therefore, we also provide similar courses like SAP SD Online Training

Load Runner Training Course Content

Web Application

  • Static Content, Dynamic Content, Web Hosting
  • Features of Browsers
  • Types of requests (GET vs POST)
  • Query String, From Data
  • Networking modules (OSI Module,TCP/ IP)
  • 2- Tier, 3- tier, n- tie architecture
  • Types of Operating Systems (Widows, Linux, HP UX, IBM AIX, MAC)
  • Web/ APP/ DB Servers and their purpose

Introduction to Performance Testing

  • What is Performance Testing Benefits of Performance Testing
  • Performance Testing phases / Life Cycle
  • Types of Performance Testing (Load, Stress, Volume, Endurance, Baseline, Benchmark etc)
  • Introduction about various Performances Testing tools and scripting language info
  • Indentifying the business scenarios for Performance Testing
  • Think time, rendezvous point, IP Spoofing, Denial of Services Attack
  • Workload Characterization

Introduction to Load Runner

  • Introduction about the LoadRunner with various versions
  • Components of LoadRunner and purpose of each component
  • Load Generators, Calculating the # of LGs for a load test

Virtual User generator

  • A Small introduction about the C language (Variable, functions, loops)
  • Recording a Script
  • Recording Log, Generating Log, Replay Log and Correlation results log
  • Regenerate Script, recording options
  • Best Practice for recording a script
  • Run time settings
  • Correlation
  • Parameterization
  • Page Validations
  • Transaction Timers
  • Think times
  • Randomizing the script
  • Frequency used C functions
  • Debug a script
  • LR Variables Vs C Variables custom Requests
  • Tips for advances scripting


  • Manual Scenario Vs Goal oriented scenario
  • Schedule by group Vs Schedule by Scenario
  • Adding Load Generators and verifying the connectivity (Performance test environment setup)
  • Run Time settings
  • Executing the tests
  • Configuring the Rendezvous, IP Spoofing etc
  • Monitoring servers through controller
  • Windows resources, UNIX resources, other servers
  • Auto collection of results, issues with auto collection, sampling intervals
  • Configuring Diagnostics


  • Adding graphs
  • Merging graphs
  • Web Page Diagnostics
  • Advanced Filters/ Drill down
  • Raw data/ Graph data
  • How to start Analysis (Analysis approach using Client side and server side measurement)
  • Correlate the graphs/results and analyzing the results (Response Time vs HPS Vs throughput Vs TPS)
  • Most commonly seen issues / errors and possible reasons

Next Steps

  • Understanding the server configuration files
  • Understanding the relationship among various settings
  • Monitoring the servers without LoadRunner
  • JVM architecture abd GC methods
  • Some important tips

Advanced Concepts

  • Exercises individual presentation on various performance testing/ Engineering Concepts (Performance Testing Concepts, Performance Testing Tools, OS monitoring (windows & UNIX), Servers Monitoring)
  • Test Plan & Traversal/ Testcase/ Usecase Document preparation & Preliminary performance test report preparation

Highlights of Load Runner Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Load Runner Online Trainings.

*  We provide Case studies  for Load Runner Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We  provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Load Runner Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

What is LoadRunner?

LoadRunner is a PerformanceTesting tool which was pioneered by Mercury in 1999. LoadRunner was later acquired by HPE in 2006. In 2016, Loadrunner was acquired by MicroFocus

LoadRunner supports various development tools, technologies and communication protocols. In fact, this is the only tool in market which supports such large number of protocols to conduct Performance Testing.

Why LoadRunner?

  1. Load Runner: One of the best automated performance testing tool.
  2. Uses ANSI C as the default programming language and other languages like Java and VB.
  3. No need to install it on the server under test. It uses native monitors.
  4.  Supports all types of protocols (HTTP, FTP and SMTP).
  5.  Easy to analyze the results and creating scripts.

As we know Load Runner was acquired by Hewlett-Packard organization. One of the best and most used tool by many organizations. Though it’s a paid tool, for perfect and easiness in use this tool is the best.

For every tool, there is a testing process to test an application. For the Load Runner , the best process to follow is

The above model is the best model to follow for the performance test.
Components of Load Runner:

1) Vuser Generator

2) Controller

3) Analyzer
Let’s discuss about each component briefly with related examples.

VUser Generator:

The first component and the basic component is “Vuser Generator”. In Load Runner tool, humans are replaced by Vusers who are the replica of humans. More number of Vusers can be worked on a single work station with different scenarios. Load runner can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of Vusers with different scenarios.

With the help of Vuser script, users can perform the tests. User can record and playback the application for script generation.By modification or editing the scripts, user can create different scenarios for different Vusers. With this load test can be made simple and easy with one workstation.

Load runner supports scripting languages like ANSI C, VB Script, JAVA etc.. C and VB scripting are the most used ones in load runner. In recent versions of load runner JAVA scripting has been implemented, which can be widely used.


In Load Runner ‘Controller’ is used to control the VUsers with single work station with different scenarios assigned to VUsers.


After the performance test the user can view the results of the test in graphs.More into the concepts of Load Runner. As we discussed, we start with ‘Vuser Generator’.
Vuser scripts are created by Virtual User Generator with the recording of activities between client and server. It records the scripts. These scripts are used to emulate the steps of real human users. Using Vugen, we can also run the scripts for debugging.

VuGen can be used for recording in windows platforms. But, a recorded Vuser script can also be run on Unix platform.
Developing Vuser Script is a five step process:

  • Record a Vuser script
  • Vuser Script Enhancement – by adding the control statements and other functions
  • Run time Settings Configuration
  • Running of Vuser Script on Stand Alone machine – Verify that the script runs correctly
  • Integration of Vuser Script – into a LoadRunner scenario or Performance Center or Tuning module session or Business process monitor profile etc.

What Will We Learn In LoadRunner Training?

To understand concepts behind the performance testing and the detailed approach on how to use various components of Load Runner on various phases to test the performance of the application. Provide knowledge and confidence to the students with hands on experience to face the interviews and to handle projects assigned in their company.

At the end of the LoadRunner training, you will be able to

  • Analyse the performance testing requirements
  • Prepare scripts for the business functions provided in the scope
  • Execute test rounds and analyse the results given by the tool/li>
  • Reporting the performance observed
  • Learn how to work with TestNG framework with DataDriven framework concepts

What Are The Prerequisites To Learn LoadRunner?

Knowledge in computers and understanding about software language

Scheduling Demo With Trainer:

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Course Finished Certificate :

After finish, the course we provide LoadRunner course finished certificate of kits technologies looks like

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