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Tableau Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Tableau Interview Questions

 Q.What is Data Visualization? Answer: Data visualization is, quite simply, the process of describing information through visual rendering. Humans have used visualizations to explain the world around them for millions of years. Data visualization allows for universal and immediate insight by tapping into our mind’s powerful visual processing system. Q.Why is Data Visualization Important? Ans

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Hyperion Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Hyperion Interview Questions

 Q.How do you optimize outline?  Ans: Usually the outline is optimized using the hourglass design for dimension ordering i.e, · Dimension with Accounts tag · Dimension with Time tag · Largest Dense dimension · Smallest dense dimension · Smallest Sparse dimension · Largest Sparse dimension Q.What are the ways to improve performance during data loads?  Ans: There are several ways to opt

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Java Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Java Interview Questions

 Q.How can you achieve Multiple Inheritance in Java? Ans: Java's interface mechanism can be used to implement multiple inheritance, with one important difference from c++ way of doing MI: the inherited interfaces must be abstract. This obviates the need to choose between different implementations, as with interfaces there are no implementations. Q.How To Replace the Characters in a String? Ans

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Testing Tools Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Testing Tools Interview Questions

Q.What is Software Development Life Cycle? Answer: The systems (or software) development life cycle (SDLC) is a conceptual model used in project management that describes the stages involved in an information system development project, from an initial feasibility study through maintenance of the completed application. It includes the following different stages: 1. Requirement phase 2.  Design ph

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Exchange Server Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Exchange Server Interview Questions

 Q.What is Exchange Server? Ans: Exchange Server is a Microsoft’s Messaging system which provides Industry leading Email, calendaring and unified Messaging Q.What are the different Exchange 2003 versions? Ans: Exchange server 5.5 Exchange Server 2000 Exchange Server 2003 Exchange Server 2007 Exchange Server 2010 Q.What are the diff erences between Exchange Sever 2003 Standard and Enterprise E

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Tibco Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Tibco Interview Questions

    Q.How do you configure client for fault tolerant connection? Answer: . Specify multiple server as a comma-separated list of URLs and both URLs must use same protocol either tcp or ssl. Q.What are the different types of acknowledgement modes in EMS message delivery Answer: Auto • Client • Dups_ok • No_ack • Explciit • Explicit_client_dups_ok • Transitional • Local transi

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ETL Testing Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

ETL Testing Interview Questions

 Q.What is ETL? Ans:  ETL - extract, transform, and load. Extracting data from outside source systems.Transforming raw data to make it fit for use by different departments. Loading transformed data into target systems like data mart or data warehouse. Q.Why ETL testing is required? Ans: • To verify the correctness of data transformation against the signed off business requirements and rules.

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VMWare Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

VMWare Interview Questions

Q.What is Service Console? The service console is developed based up on Redhat Linux Operating system, it is used to manage the VMKernel Q.What happens when you take a snapshot of virtual machine? Answer: When you take a snapshot of virtual machine, it makes a copy of the .vmdk file and its memory, saves them along with the other virtual machine files. "vmware-cmd createsnapshot " each snap

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Data Science Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Data Science Interview Questions

 Q.What do you mean by word Data Science? Ans: Data Science is the extraction of knowledge from large volumes of data that are structured or unstructured, which is a continuation of the field data mining and predictive analytics, It is also known as knowledge discovery and data mining Q.Explain the term botnet? Ans: A botnet is a a type of bot running on an IRC network that has been created wi

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Windows Admin Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Windows Admin Interview Questions

    Q.What is the purpose of having AD? Answer: Active directory is a directory service that identifies all resources on a network and makes that information available to users and services. The Main purpose of AD is to control and authenticate network resources. Q.Explain about sysvol folder? Answer: The sysvol folder stores the server's copy of the domain's public files. The contents s

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Data Modeling Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Data Modeling Interview Questions

Q.What is Data warehousing? Ans: A data warehouse can be considered as a storage area where interest specific or relevant data is stored irrespective of the source. What actually is required to create a data warehouse can be considered as Data Warehousing. Data warehousing merges data from multiple sources into an easy and complete form. Q.What are fact tables and dimension tables? Ans: As ment

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Cognos Interview Questions | KITS Online Trainings

Cognos Interview Questions

 Q.What is a Data Warehouse? Ans:  Data Warehouse is a collection of data marts representing historical data from different operation data sources (OLTP). The data from these OLTP are structured and optimized for querying and analysis in a Data Warehouse. Q.Define Cognos Report Net? Ans: Cognos Report Net is the web-based, dynamic, business intelligence reporting solution from Cognos. Q.What

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