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CCSA Interview Questions and Answers Q.Where You Can View The Results Of The Checkpoint? Ans: You can view the results of the checkpoints in the Test Result Window. Note: If you want to retrieve the return value of a checkpoint (a boolean value that indicates whether the checkpoint passed or failed) you must add parentheses around the checkpoint argument in the statement in the Expert View. Q.What’s The Standard Checkpoint? Ans: Standard Checkpoints checks the property value of an object in your application or web page. Q.Which Environment Are Supported By Standard Checkpoint? Ans: Standard Checkpoint are supported for all add-in environments. Q.Explain How A Biometric Device Performs In Measuring Metrics, When Attempting To Authenticate Subjects? Ans:

  • False Rejection Rate
  • Crossover Error Rate
  • False Acceptance Rate

Q.What’s The Image Checkpoint? Ans: Image Checkpoint check the value of an image in your application or web page. Q.Which Environments Are Supported By Image Checkpoint? Ans: Image Checkpoint are supported only Web environment. Q.What’s The Bitmap Checkpoint? Ans: Bitmap Checkpoint checks the bitmap images in your web page or application. Q.Which Environment Are Supported By Bitmap Checkpoints? Ans: Bitmap checkpoints are supported all add-in environment. Q.What’s The Table Checkpoints? Ans: Table Checkpoint checks the information with in a table. Q.Which Environments Are Supported By Table Checkpoint? Ans: Table Checkpoints are supported only ActiveX environment. Q.What’s The Text Checkpoint? Ans: Text Checkpoint checks that a test string is displayed in the appropriate place in your application or on web page. Q.Which Environment Are Supported By Test Checkpoint? Ans: Text Checkpoint are supported all add-in environments. Q.What Is Stealth Rule In Checkpoint Firewall? Ans: Stealth Rule Protect Checkpoint firewall from direct access any traffic. Its rule should be place on the top of Security rule base. In this rule administrator denied all traffic to access checkpoint firewall. Q.What Is Cleanup Rule In Checkpoint Firewall? Ans: Cleanup rule place at last of the security rule base, Its used to drop all traffic which not match with above rule and Logged. Cleanup rule mainly created for log purpose. In this rule administrator denied all the traffic and enable log. Q.What Is Explicit Rule In Checkpoint Firewall? Ans: Its a rule in ruse base which is manually created by network security administrator that called Explicit rule. Q.What Is 3 Tier Architecture Component Of Checkpoint Firewall? Ans:

  • Smart Console.
  • Security Management.
  • Security Gateway.

Q.What Is The Packet Flow Of Checkpoint Firewall? Ans:

  • SAM Database.
  • Address Spoofing.
  • Session Lookup.
  • Policy Lookup.
  • Destination NAT.
  • Route Lookup.
  • Source NAT.
  • Layer 7 Inspection.

Q.Explain Which Type Of Business Continuity Plan (bcp) Test Involves Shutting Down A Primary Site, Bringing An Alternate Site On-line, And Moving All Operations To The Alternate Site? Ans: Full interruption. Q.Explain Which Encryption Algorithm Has The Highest Bit Strength? Ans: AES Q.Give An Example For Simple, Physical-access Control? Ans: Lock. Q.Which Of The Following Is Not An Auditing Function That Should Be Performed Regularly? Ans: Reviewing performance logs. Q.Explain How Do Virtual Corporations Maintain Confidentiality? Ans: Encryption. Q.Explain What Type Of Document Contains Information On Alternative Business Locations, It Resources, And Personnel? Ans: Business continuity plan. Q.Explain Which Of The Following Is The Best Method For Managing Users In An Enterprise? Ans: Place them in a centralized Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. Q.What Are Enterprise Business Continuity Plan (bcp)? Ans:

  • Accidental or intentional data deletion
  • Severe weather disasters
  • Minor power outages

Q.Explain Which Type Of Business Continuity Plan (bcp) Test Involves Practicing Aspects Of The Bcp, Without Actually Interrupting Operations Or Bringing An Alternate Site On-line? Ans: Simulation. contact for more on Checkpoint firewall online training

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