KITS Online Training Institute is one of the best training institute in leading IT online training. We provide best Hyperion Essbase Training with our highly professional real time trainers. Oracle acquired Hyperion in 2007 which is a leading provider of performance management software. The transaction extends Oracle’s business intelligence capabilities to offer the most comprehensive system for enterprise performance management. This course have four modules Essbase, HFR,HFM and planning. KITS also do corporate trainings and help them to train their employees. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies. Therefore, we also provide similar courses like SAP SD Online Training.

Hyperion Essbase Training Course Content

Essbase Overview

·         Multidimensional Analysis
·         Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
·         Oracle BI Foundation Suite
·         Essbase
·         Production Environment Components

Designing Applications and Databases

·         Creating Applications and Databases
·         Creating Outlines

Designing Data Descriptor Dimensions

·         Data Descriptor Dimensions Overview
·         Designing Time Dimensions
·         Designing Scenario Dimensions
·         Designing Accounts Dimensions

Optimizing Data Descriptor Dimensions

·         Creating Member Aliases
·         Dimension Types
·         Creating Period-to-Date Totals
·         Dynamic Calc Members
·         Enhancing Accounts Dimensions

Creating Basic Dimension Build Rules Files

·         Rules Files Overview
·         Creating Dimension Build Rules Files
·         Configuring Dimension Maintenance Settings

Creating Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files

·         Advanced Dimension Build Rules Files Overview
·         Creating Shared Members
·         Manipulating Fields
·         Creating User-Defined Attributes
·         Creating Attribute Dimensions with Rules Files.

Loading Data

·         Data Load Overview
·         Creating Data Load Rules Files
·         Selecting and Rejecting Records
·         Capturing New Members

Getting Started with Smart View

·         Navigating Smart View
·         Connecting to Data Sources
·         Creating Ad Hoc Grids
·         Setting the Point of View
·         Associating Data Sources with Worksheets
·         Creating Free-Form Grids

Creating Reports with Smart View

·         Updating Essbase Data
·         Integrating Essbase Data with Microsoft Office
·         Creating Shared Database Perspectives
·         Creating Custom Reports

Data Storage and Calculation

·         Calculation Overview
·         Database Calculation Order
·         Data Block Fundamentals
·         Data Blocks and the Index System
·         Interpreting Database Statistics
·         Data Block Creation
·         Database Calculation Process

Creating Calculation Scripts

·         Calculation Script Organization
·         Returning Correct Calculation Results
·         Troubleshooting CALC DIM Processes

Controlling the Calculation Process

·         Focusing Calculations with FIX Statements
·         Calculating Conditionally with IF Statements

Copying and Clearing Data

·         Copying Data
·         Clearing Data with CLEARDATA
·         Clearing Data with CLEARBLOCK

Referencing Members in Calculations

·         Referencing Members Explicitly
·         Referencing Members Dynamically
·         Creating Calculation Variables

Creating Attribute Dimensions

·         Attribute Dimensions Overview
·         Adding Attribute Dimensions to Outlines
·         Design Considerations

Analyzing Varying Attributes

·         Varying Attributes Overview
·         Creating Varying Attributes
·         Viewing Varying Attribute Data

Analyzing Text and Dates

·         Typed Measures Overview
·         Enabling Typed Measures
·         Creating Text Measures
·         Creating Date Measures
·         Viewing Typed Measures
·         Calculations Based on Typed Measures

Partitioning Overview

Creating Database Partitions

·         Designing partitions
·         Creating partitions
·         Evaluating partition designs .

Essbase Security Overview

·         Essbase Native Security
·         Global Access Security Layer
·         User and Group Security Layer
·         Application Access Type Security
·         The Essbase Security File

Creating Essbase Security Filters

·         The Essbase Security Filter Layer
·         Creating Security Filters
·         Filter Behavior
·         Resolving Security Conflicts

Securing the Essbase Environment in Shared Services

·         Shared Services Security
·         Converting Essbase Users to Shared Services Security
·         Provisioning Users in Shared Services
·         External Authentication and Single Sign-on

Optimizing Block Storage Caches

·         Optimizing the Database
·         Optimizing Caches
·         Setting RAM Caches
·         Cache Hit Ratios

Managing Fragmentation

·         Measuring Database Fragmentation

Backing Up, Restoring, and Recovering Essbase Databases

·         About Backup, Restore, and Recovery
·         Manual Backup and Restore
·         Automated Backup and Restore
·         Manual Recovery
·         Automated Recovery
·         Recovering from a Server Interruption
·         Recovering Corrupted Essbase Databases

Task Automation

·         Automating Tasks Using MaxL
·         The MaxL Command Shell
·         MaxL Statements and Syntax.

Highlights of Hyperion Essbase training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Hyperion Essbase Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies  for Hyperion Essbase Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Hyperion Essbase Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

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I Have joined for Course with Kits Technologies course.I am completely confident enough in my subject. I never thought Abinitio is SO BIG and huge!!!Loved learning it for about few week and quite happy now. Thanks Kits Team
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Very nice material and course video available for your reference anytime. I repeatedly watched videos to learn required knowledge. Anyone would definitely miss out the physical presence inside the class while attending the course . I had lot of disturbance at home while class was going on and it didn't give me any seriousness about subject as I didn't see anyone looking at me if I am listening! This factor, someone is looking at me would definitely make me concentrate subject. Also 4 (four) hours of coaching online and very less interaction with people around makes very less impressive learning
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My learning with KITS Online Trainings was Golden Gate and SAP Basis training and exam preparation It’s been a worthwhile learning experience - the course was easier to understand than and helped memory retention. Also the online support team were so kind and helpful-when i ran out of time and my exam was a month away they extended my access for extra 30 days. Success all the way
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I am Srinivas bolla. I took SQL Database Administrator Online training in Kits online trainings. actually I don’t have knowledge about IT sector, When I was approach Kits online trainings. They gave me well support and training. I learnt a lot from them very well experienced faculty.. very much satisfied for the training. I am happy to say my topics are very clear now. I have no doubt about SQL DBA am very thankful to the whole team of Kits online trainings for providing a Excellent training..
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