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Learners : 1350
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Get hands-on experience of Oracle Fusion Order management in developing and managing the application using Oracle supply chain management cloud. By the end of this course, you will get practical exposure to Fusion Inventory, Configuration management with live use-cases

Besides, this Oracle Golden Gate Course also covers the best knowledge on Golden gate architecture, mapping, parameters, transformation, and much more with live use cases. Moreover, during the oracle Golden Gate Course the trainer will let you know the probable interview question as well as the certification question of each topic. This Oracle Golden Gate Course shows the way to clear Golden Gate Certification. Besides, you people will also be working on real-time projects that make you acquire hands-on experience on this platform. Besides Oracle Golden Gate we provide the best knowledge on different platforms like C, JAVA, Python, Oracle DBA, SAP HANA, and so on with live use cases.

Creating Oracle GoldenGate Topologies
Reviewing Oracle GoldenGate Use Cases
Assembling Building Blocks
Listing Supported OS
Listing Supported Databases
Listing the Oracle GoldengGate Product Line
Listing Non-Database Sources and Targets
Describing Oracle GoldenGate Process Groups
Explaining Change Capture and Delivery (with and without a Data Pump)
Explaining Initial Data Load
Contrasting Batch and Online Operation
Explaining Oracle GoldenGateCheckpointing
Describing Commit Sequence Numbers (CSN)
Describing Oracle GoldenGate Files and Directories
Reviewing Configuration Overview
Configuring Manager Process
Creating Source Definitions
Preparing the Source Database
Assigning Oracle Database Roles/Privileges Required
Reviewing Configuration Overview
Configuring Manager Process
Creating Source Definitions
Preparing the Source Database
Assigning Oracle Database Roles/Privileges Required
Listing System Requirements
Performing Installation
Configuring Environment Variables
Running Oracle Golden Gate from the OS shell.

Configuring Change Capture (Extract)

Reviewing Extract Overview
Configuring Extract Tasks
Adding Extract Group
Editing Extract Parameters
Extracting Use of Archived Transaction Logs
Adding Trails
Reviewing Replicat Overview
Configuring Replicat Tasks
Configuring a Sample Environment
Configuring New Integrated Replicat
Configuring Extract Trails and Files (Data Pump)

Reviewing Extract Trails and Files Overview
Describing Trail Formats
Using Logdump for Viewing Trails
Reversing the Trail Sequence
Configuring and Using Data Pumps
Oracle GoldenGate Methods
Listing Database-specific Methods
Describing Resource Limitations
Listing Advantages of Oracle GoldenGate Methods
Configuring Direct Load Methods
Handling Collisions with Initial Load
Editing Configuration Parameters

Editing Parameter Files
Contrasting GLOBALS versus Process Parameters
Configuring GLOBALS Parameters
Configuring Manager Parameters
Configuring Extract Parameters
Configuring Replicat Parameters
Filtering and Data Selection

Filtering and Data Selection
Mapping Columns Between Different Schemas
Using Built-in “@” (at) Functions
Using SQLEXEC to Interact Directly with a Database
Configuring New Coordinated Replicat
Reviewing Bidirectional Considerations
Detecting Loops
Avoiding Conflicts
Configuring and Using Conflict Detection and Resolution
Describing Identity Types Issues
DDL Replication

Reviewing Data Description Language Replication Overview
Configuring and Using Options for DDL Replication
Configuring and Using String Substitution in DDL
Goldengate DBA Views for Troubleshooting

Accessing knowledge Documents – Mailing lists, Oracle GoldenGate forums, etc.
Consulting the Documentation
Getting familiar with the ShowSyntax parameter
Getting familiar with the logdump utility
Basic and Startup Problems

Getting familiar with basic problems
Developing the ability to deal with Extract and Replicatstartup issues
Verifying file names, file permissions, consistency between Extract and Replicat group names and their supporting files
Verifying consistent naming convention when defining trail files and their reference in the Extract/Replicat parameter files
Verifying that the correct software version has been installed
Verifying that the Oracle GoldenGate manager is running, that the group name which fails to start exists and is not misspelt
Verifying that the the parameter file exists, has the same name as the Extract/Replicat group, and is accessible by Oracle GoldenGate
Introducing the use of CHECKPARAMS to verify that the parameter syntax is correct
Developing the ability to deal with and troubleshoot data extraction issues:Extract is slow – Extract abends – Data pump abends
Analyzing various causes of a slow Extract startup
Tracing may be enabled, activity logging may be enabled, many columns listed in tables being replicated
Introducing the use of the CacheMgr parameter to control the virtual memory and temporary disk space that are available for caching uncommitted transaction data
In-depth analysis of abending Extracts: is Extract unable to open the transaction logs? – Checking to see if the disk is full -Is an archive log missing?
In-depth analysis of abending data pumps: Does the data pump abend with error number 509 (“Incompatible record”)?Have the source tables been changed? Is the Extract abending due to data manipulation?
Was the primary Extract or the data pump stopped, re-added, or restarted without resetting the data pump’s read position in the local trail?
Developing the ability to deal with and troubleshoot data replication issues:
Analyzing the various causes of a “stuck” Replicat: Does “Stats Replicat” return no statistics? Do successive “Info Replicat” commands indicate that the Replicat read checkpoint is not moving?
Verifying that the Replicat is reading the trail to which Extract is writing
Analyzing the reasons why a Replicat abends: Is Replicat unable to locate a trail? Is Replicat unable to open a trail file? Was “Add TranData” issued for each table?
Missed Transactions

Developing the ability to deal with and troubleshoot missed transactions involving issues such as: Tables that are not properly specified – Missing” Add TranData” command – LOB data not replicating
Analyzing the reasons why transactions are not being processed: Were the tables included in Table and Map statements? Are fully qualified names (owner.table) used for both Table and Map?
‘Single quotes’ on object names imply case-sensitive names for some databases (including the Oracle database)
Are the transactions coming out of the source system properly?
Developing the ability to deal with and troubleshoot mapping problems, such us: Fetching from the source data fails – Table and column names not matching between the source and the target
Analyzing the causes of various mapping problems:Is Extract returning fetch-related errors? Was the row containing the data deleted?
Has the undo retention expired?
Is “NoUseLatestVersion” for “FetchOptions” being used?
Do the source and target tables exist in the databases? Are they specified correctly in the Table or Map statement? Are their names fully qualified (schema.table)?
Do table and column names contain only supported characters?
Are WHERE clauses comparing different data types?
Is KeyCols being used? Are both source and target KeyCols being used? Corresponding source and target columns must match.
Developing the ability to deal with and troubleshoot :
SQLEXEC problems – File-maintenance problems – Time differences – Too many open cursors
File-Maintenance Problems: Discard File Is Not Created – Discard File Is Too Big – Trail File Is Too Big
Miscellaneous Problems: Time Differences – INFO Command Shows Incorrect Status
Identifying causes of slow startups
Monitoring lag and statistics
Tuning Manager
Identifying network and disk bottlenecks
Tuning “Classic” Extract
Tuning “Classic” Replicat
“Integrated” Performance Tuning

Describing architecture and advantages of the new Integrated capture
Describing architecture and advantages of the new Integrated delivery
Familiarizing with the new V$ tables holding real time Oracle GoldenGate statistics
Integrated” Capture and Delivery Troubleshooting

Familiarizing with Troubleshooting Aids and Tools for Integrated Replication
Describing Oracle GoldenGateHealthcheck for Integrated Replicat
Describing the Oracle Database 12c GoldenGate AWR report


Learn when and where it's convenient for you.Utilise the course's practical exposure through high-quality videos.Real-Time Instructors Will Guide You Through The Course From Basic to Advanced Levels


Receive A Live Demonstration Of Each Subject From Our Skilled Faculty Obtain LMS Access Following Course Completion Acquire Materials for Certification


The Class Mode Of Training, Or Attend An Online Training Lecture At Your Facility From A Subject Matter Expert With discussions, exercises, and real-world use cases, learn for a full day.Create Your Curriculum Using the Project Requirements

The trainer is a real-time expert and has a significant amount of technology
Irrespective of your class attendance, every session will be recorded. Soon after the completion of the class, you can able to access the videos
During the course, the trainer will provide the environment to execute the practical's.
Once you contact us, our support team will offer you great discounts.
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We offer the best training on different modes like self-paced, one-one, batch as well as corporate training.
Yes! Our support team will take your resumes and forward to the firms for placement assistance
During the course, the trainer will provide the probable certification question to make you certified.

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The course contents have covered advanced topics. The live recorded classes helped me a lot in revising the topics. I want to thank the KITS Team.
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A good place to know about Golden gate from the roots.
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KITS Oracle Golden Gate Course helped me to get the vital concepts through a comprehensive curriculum. The trainer has good experience in teaching.
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Outstanding Oracle GoldenGate training by KITS Helped me to understand the logic by giving real-life examples and scenarios. The best institute for Oracle GoldenGate.
- Abbas Ali Aljaber
KITS in Oracle GoldenGate helped me a lot in enriching the knowledge of the subject. I would highly recommend Kits for Oracle Golden Gate.
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