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Through DevOps Online Course, you can improve your understanding of all facets of software development, learn the actual application of all DevOps principles from real specialists, and achieve your goal of being a Certified DevOps Engineer.

DevOps is a set of values and cultural norms that a business must adhere to function properly. Online KITS Training With the deployment of applications using several environments like testing, staging, and production through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipelines, DevOps Online Course is designed by industry experts to provide practical information on various DevOps principles. You will learn the necessary abilities in this course to qualify as a Certified Professional. You can sign up for this course in a batch setting, one-on-one setting, or as a corporate employee. To become a Certified DevOps Professional, register for the free DevOps Online Training demo right away.



What is DevOps?

History of DevOps

What is Dev and Ops

DevOps definition

DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle

Build and release workflow

DevOps main objectives
What is GIT ?

Installing Git for Windows

Basic Commands Overview

Diff b/w Git and Svn

Git stages

Creating Branches

Git merge and rebase

Backing Out Changes

Renaming and Moving Files & Deleting Files

Git Repository Setup

Git push, pull and fetch

Git Stash

Git Conflicts

Git fetch

How to use Github
Over view of Maven

Diff b/w Maven and Ant

How to install Maven in Windows and Linux

Maven Phases

Maven repositories

How to create .Jar, .war and .ear files

How to add dependency files

How to Deploy Executable files in Application Servers
What is CI/CD

Introduction to Jenkins

History of Jenkins/Hudson

How to install Jenkins in Windows and Linux

How to create Jobs

Diff types of jobs

Working with Github

Working with Build tools

Build from Github Project

Managing Remote Systems with Jenkins

Parameterised Builds

Securing Jenkins

Scheduling Builds
How to install Tomcat in windows

How to install Tomcat in Linux

How to deploy code in Tomcat

Deploying code by using Jenkins


What is SonarQube

How to Install SonarQube

Analyzing with Sonarqube scanner for Maven

Integrate Sonaqube with Jenkins
Workflow of Chef

How to install Chef in Linux and Windows

What is Work-station, Chef-Server, Nodes

Servers and Nodes concept

Chef Configuration Concepts

Workstation Setup

Creating Cookbooks and uploading into server

How to use Ruby in Chef

About Bootstrap

How to manage Chef-Servers

Create roles

Add Roles to organization

How to Add Run list to Node

Check node Details

How to create Databags

Add Databags to organization

Create a server and add to organization

Check node details using knife

Create organization

Add yourself and node to organization

Adding nodes to Chef-Server

What is Puppet

What is diff b/w Puppet and chef
Introduction of cloud

Benfits of AWS





Auto scaling Group




Elastic ip
Learning the Basics of Docker

Introduction to Docker

Containers vs Virtual Machines

Docker Architecture

Docker Hub

Docker Installation

Creating Our First Image

Working with Multiple Images

Packaging a Customised Container

Running Container Commands with Docker

Managing and Removing Base Images

Pushing to Docker Hub

Creating Shared volume groups

Creat own images
All basics of linux

How to create files, dir, and groups

How to change permisionsof files, dir, and groups How to create users



What is SonarQube

How to Install SonarQube

Analyzing with Sonarqube scanner for Maven

Integrate Sonaqube with Jenkins


Learn when and where it's convenient for you.Utilise the course's practical exposure through high-quality videos.Real-Time Instructors Will Guide You Through The Course From Basic to Advanced Levels


Receive A Live Demonstration Of Each Subject From Our Skilled Faculty Obtain LMS Access Following Course Completion Acquire Materials for Certification


The Class Mode Of Training, Or Attend An Online Training Lecture At Your Facility From A Subject Matter Expert With discussions, exercises, and real-world use cases, learn for a full day.Create Your Curriculum Using the Project Requirements

The trainer is a real-time expert and has a significant amount of technology
Irrespective of your class attendance, every session will be recorded. Soon after the completion of the class, you can able to access the videos
During the course, the trainer will provide the environment to execute the practical's.
Once you contact us, our support team will offer you great discounts.
Yes! we do accept the fee in installments, depending on the mode of training you take.
We offer the best training on different modes like self-paced, one-one, batch as well as corporate training.
Yes! Our support team will take your resumes and forward to the firms for placement assistance
During the course, the trainer will provide the probable certification question to make you certified.

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The training here was gone in a smooth manner. Moreover, during the course the The course trainer gives sufficient time to explore on the lab, which made me to acquire hands on experience of DevOps
- Mahmoud Ahmed
The trainers explantion on DevOps gave me an in-depth knowledge on the subject helped me to understand DevOps better. The course content is very informative and helped me to clear certification
- Sagar Samantaray
The content was very interesting and helpful. During the course, the trainer shares a lot of real example with us to inject the subject in much more practical way
- Keerthana Yellavula
The support team KITS is excellent. This review is based on my conversation with one of the support team members, Kavitha HK, who provided me excellent support in my DevOps Course
- Padmaja Akella
I have recemtly completeed the virtual classroom course on DevOps Practitioner . I suggest the newbies as the best place to learn from basics to the advanced level
- Venkatesh

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