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Get the practical knowledge to manage the Data Guard Environment from the Oracle Data Guard Architecture, fundamentals, features, and other administrative tasks with practical use cases at Data Guard Online Training Course.

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What Is Oracle Data Guard?
Types of Standby Databases
Types of Data Guard Services
Role Transitions: Switchover and Failover
Oracle Data Guard Broker Framework
Choosing an Interface for Administering a Data Guard Configuration
Oracle Data Guard: Architecture(Overview)
Primary Database Processes
Networking Overview
ora Configuration
Statics vs. Dynamic Registration
Static Entries for Database Duplication and SQL Maintenence
Static Entries for Broker Operations
Oracle Network Configuration Tuning
ora Configuration
Steps to Create a Physical Standby Database
Preparing the Primary Database
Configuring Standby Redo Logs
Creating Standby Redo Logs
Using SQL to Create Standby Redo Logs
Viewing Standby Redo Log Information
Setting Initialization Parameters on the Primary Database to Control Redo Transport
Data Guard Broker: Requirements
Data Guard Broker and the SPFILE
Data Guard Monitor: Configuration File
Data Guard Broker: Log Files
Creating a Broker Configuration
Defining the Broker Configuration and the Primary Database Profile
Adding a Standby Database to the Configuration
Enabling the Configuration
Benefits of Implementing a Logical Standby Database
Logical Standby Database: SQL Apply Architecture
SQL Apply Process: Architecture
Preparing to Create a Logical Standby Database
Unsupported Objects
Unsupported Data Types
Checking for Unsupported Tables
Checking for Tables with Unsupported Data Types
Snapshot Standby Databases: Overview
Snapshot Standby Database: Architecture
Converting a Physical Standby Database to a Snapshot Standby Database
Activating a Snapshot Standby Database: Issues and Cautions
Snapshot Standby Database: Target Restrictions
Viewing Snapshot Standby Database Information
Using DGMGRL to View Snapshot Standby Database Information
Converting a Snapshot Standby Database to a Physical Standby Database
Oracle Active Data Guard
Using Real-Time Query
Checking the Standby’s Open Mode
Understanding Lag in an Active Data Guard Configuration
Monitoring Apply Lag: V$DATAGUARD_STATS
Setting a Predetermined Service Level for Currency of Standby Queries
Configuring Zero Lag Between the Primary and Standby Databases
Data Protection Modes and Redo Transport Modes
Maximum Protection Mode
Maximum Availability Mode
Maximum Performance Mode
Comparing Data Protection Modes
Setting the Data Protection Mode by Using DGMGRL
Setting the Data Protection Mode
Role Management Services
Role Transitions: Switchover and Failover
Preparing for a Switchover
Performing a Switchover by Using DGMGRL
Considerations When Performing a Switchover to a Logical Standby Database
Situations That Prevent a Switchover
Using Flashback Database in a Data Guard Configuration
Overview of Flashback Database
Configuring Flashback Database
Using Flashback Database Instead of Apply Delay
Using Flashback Database and Real-Time Apply
Using Flashback Database After RESETLOGS
Flashback Through Standby Database Role Transitions
Fast-Start Failover: Overview
When Does Fast-Start Failover Occur?
Installing the Observer Software
Fast-Start Failover Prerequisites
Configuring Fast-Start Failover
Setting the Lag-Time Limit
Configuring the Primary Database to Shut Down Automatically
Automatic Reinstatement After Fast-Start Failover
Using RMAN to Back Up and Restore Files in a Data Guard Configuration
Offloading Backups to a Physical Standby
Restrictions and Usage Notes
Backup and Recovery of a Logical Standby Database
Using the RMAN Recovery Catalog in a Data Guard Configuration
Creating the Recovery Catalog
Registering a Database in the Recovery Catalog
Setting Persistent Configuration Settings
Viewing the Data Guard Configuration Status
Monitoring Data Guard Performance
Viewing Log File Details
Data Guard Metrics
Managing Data Guard Metrics
Viewing Metric Value History


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