Since the data is increasing exponentially, there is a need to analyze this data. BI tools like Cognos play a major role in analyzing the business. Kits online training provides the best knowledge on Cognos tools by live experts with live use cases. This Cognos online training course gives you the best practical knowledge and hands-on experience in data analysis with Cognos reporting tools. Knowledge of these BI tools helps you to make the best decision for the smooth running of the business.

Through this Cognos training, you will be acquiring hands-on experience on dashboard creation, reporting, analysis, and so on with live use cases. Kits provide the best Cognos course in various modes like one-one, batch as well as corporate training. Feel free to contact our support team to know the next demo session and master in data analysis through the Cognos tool. Besides Cognos, Kits online training provides the best training on various platforms like SAP CS, SAP MM, Hadoop, and so on with live use cases. Hurry for the demo and make your dream come true.


Cognos Online Training Course Content

About Cognos 10 BI

  • Architecture
  • Cognos Suit walk through
  • Cognos Features, Need & Importance.

Cognos Connection

  • Walk through elements on the screen
  • Manage Folders(Public & My folders)
  • How to Connect to different Data Source
  • Import and Export of Package(Deployment)
  • Set up Scheduling of Reports

Frame Work Manager

  • Introduction about Frame work Manager
  • Workflow of Frame work Manager
  • Designing a Project
  • Working with Data Sources
  • Designing and preparing Metadata Model
  • Working With Packages

Query Studio

  • Introduction
  • About Ad-hoc Reports
  • Reporting using Query Studio (List, Crosstab, Chart Reports & others)
  • Working with Data ( Applying Filters, Prompts & Calculations, Sorting, Grouping &Sections ……)

New Features in Cognos 10

  • Business Insight
  • Business Insight Advanced
  • Active Reports

Report Studio

Overview of Cognos 8 Components & comparison with cognos10

Introduction to Report Studio

  • Type of Report Templates
  • Creating List, Crosstab, Chart & Others Reports
  • Introduction to Filters(creating, editing &removing filters)
  • Parameters & Prompts (Definition, Creating prompt Page& Usage of Multiple prompts in Reports)
  • Formatting Reports(Fonts, styles, Header &Footers …)
  • Types of Prompts (Select& search ,Tree, generated prompt, Date, Time……)

Cognos 10 Advanced Reporting Topics

  • Conditional Blocks – Need ,usage
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Complex Reports (Master Detailed, Drill Through reports)
  • Introduction to Query Explorer (Building reports using queries, joins…)
  • How to use HTML & JAVA scripts in Reports-Need ,Importance
  • Import
  • Many more Advanced Reports

Other Topics

  • Import & Export XML Reports
  • Open Reports from XML
  • Creating , Editing Queries
  • Workflow of how report runs in backend.
  • How to create portal Pages

Analysis Studio

  • About Analysis Studio
  • Insert Data
  • Explore Data
  • Types of Reports
  • Drill up & Drill down for Detail

Event Studio

  • Introduction to Event Studio
  • Discuss Event Studio window
  • Events, Agents, Tasks..

Highlights Cognos online Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for Cognos Online Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies  for Cognos Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for Cognos Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

IBM Cognos Course Overview:

In this training, participants acquire the skills needed to develop activity, modeling and some admin works. Each and every concept is supported by documents and real-time scenarios. Hands-on practice adds to the training benefits.

What Is IBM Cognos BI?

Cognos is IBM’s business intelligence (BI) and performance management software suite. The software is designed to enable business users without technical knowledge to extract corporate data, analyze it and assemble reports. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) provides reports, analysis to help support the way people think and work when they are trying to understand business performance. You can freely explore information, analyze key facts and quickly collaborate to align decisions with key stakeholders.

What is Data Warehouse?

The Data Warehouse is Subject-oriented, Integrated, Time-variant, Non-volatile. The collection of data in support of management decision processes.

Subject-oriented: e.g. customers, patients, students, products

Integrated: Consistent naming conventions, formats, encoding structures; from multiple data sources

Time-variant: Can study trends and changes

Non-volatile: Read-only, periodically refreshed

What is the difference between Data Warehouse and Operational Systems Data Warehouse (OLAP)?

Data Warehouse:

  • Data Added regularly, but loaded data are rarely changed directly
  • Does not mean the data warehouse is never updated or never changes
  • Generally concerned with historical data
  • High analytical capability
  • Historical data only

Operational Systems (OLTP):

  • Data updated constantly
  • Data changes according to by need, not as a fixed schedule
  • Primarily concerned with current data

What are the Benefits Of Data Warehouse for a Business?

  • Understand business trends
  • Better forecasting decisions
  • Analyze daily sales information and make quick decisions
  • A solution for maintaining your company’s competitive edge
  • High degree of scalability
  • Strategic enterprise-level decision support

What is Cognos 10 BI?

Cognos 10 is a Web-based product which provides a platform for viewing and creating reports, analyzes data and monitoring events thus enabling the users to take effective business decisions.

What are the Components of Cognos 10 BI?

Cognos Connection: -Publishing, managing, and viewing content

Query Studio: -Ad hoc querying

Report Studio:- Managed to report

Event Studio:- Event management and alerting

Framework Manager: -Modelling the data

Analysis Studio:- Analyzing data

Multi-tiered Cognos Architecture:

cognos online training


Tier 1:

Web communication in Cognos 8 takes place through gateways which reside on one or more Web servers. Types of gateways supported are CGI, ISAPI, apache_mod, servlet. When a Cognos 8 gateway receives a request, it encrypts the password and extracts information needed to submit the request to a Cognos 8 server. It then adds a default namespace to the request and passes the request to the dispatcher for processing.

Tier 2:

Application tier contains one or more Cognos 8 servers. A Cognos 8 server runs requests forwarded by a dispatcher.

Dispatcher: Starts Cognos 8 services configured and routes requests. It can route requests to a local service (report service, presentation service, job service and so on). It can also route requests to a specific dispatcher to run a given request.

Content manager: Content Manager is the Cognos 8 service that manages the storage of application data, including security, configuration data, models, metrics, report specifications, and report output. Content Manager stores information in a content store database, which is typically located in Tier 3 of the architecture.

Tier 3: This contains Content store, data sources, and the metric store. Content Store is a relational

DB which contains information like as follows:

  • Report specifications
  • Published models and packages
  • Data source connection information
  • Namespace info
  • Scheduling and bursting information
  • Supported types are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase

What are the Benefits of IBM Cognos BI Training?

  • Scenario Oriented Training
  • Materials and Certification Guidance
  • Access For Hands-On
  • Customized Course Agenda for IBM Cognos BI
  • Course Material Prepared By Experts
  • Flexible training formats
  • Teaching style is entirely hands-on

What are the Prerequisites to learn Cognos?

Our Experienced trainers will teach from basics, if you have a basic idea of Data Warehouse concepts is an added advantage for this course.

Scheduling Demo With Trainer:

If you would like to take the online demo for Cognos trainer can you please make an inquiry or fill the form for demo registration, one of our executives will arrange a meeting with the expert trainer.

Course Finished Certificate :

After finish, the course we provide Cognos course finished certificate of kits technologies looks like

cognos online training

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