What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud computing software as a service that specializes in customer relationship management(CRM).

Before going to know about salesforce in detail, let us have a look regarding the need for this platform. Before the arrival of Salesforce CRM, companies use to maintain their cloud computing environment. At that time, people usually took months, in some cases they took years to build the cloud computing environment. And in some cases, the demand for the feature may also go down when the feature comes live in the cloud computing environment. Hence to overcome these kinds of situations, they require a cloud computing environment as a one-stop solution for all the organization's needs. At this moment, salesforce came into the picture as a cloud-based CRM. In the above paragraphs, we have been discussing that salesforce is a CRM. So

What is CRM?

CRM Stands for Customer Relationship Management. This CRM is a technology that is responsible for managing the company's relationships and the interactions with the customers. This CRM helps companies to stay connected with the customers, streamline the processes, and increase business profitability. In simple words, this CRM is a better way to manage the external interactions and relationships to success.

What does Salesforce do?

This cloud-based CRM serves all the required software to the people online. Hence people consider this salesforce as a Software as a Service(Saas) model. Moreover, this SaaS model takes care of software installation, maintenance,  version updates, and so on. Moreover, it also takes care of the necessary software to be installed, infrastructure set up, and so on. And we can use this software as a  pay per use model. Hence you can enjoy the necessary software services at a low cost and with the minimum infrastructure. Moreover, you people can enjoy all the salesforce cloud services with a subscription of $50 per month Salesforce has essentially changed the way software enterprise delivery and usage. This CRM has shown the ideal way to connect with the customers. We this cloud platform, we can build a meaningful and lasting bond with the customers. Identifying needs, addressing problems, apps deployment, and so on.

This CRM platform has listed both in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and also in S &P 500 index. Initially, in the year 2004, its IPO raised about $110 million in funding. And in today's markets, it's worth about $77 billion.  Moreover, according to recent trends, its revenue reached $17.1 billion.  And as of April 2020, this CRM has 150000 customers from small business to fortune 500+ companies. So with the stats, we can say that salesforce stands as a pioneer in the IT Market.

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Who uses Salesforce?

As mentioned above, many companies from small scale to fortune 500+ were using salesforce. Some of them were Google, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. As shown in the below diagram,  you can understand the power of salesforce in the tech world.  All these people were using this CRM to solve their problems. And this cloud platform provides various software solutions and platforms to both users as well as developers to develop and distribute the custom infrastructure. This CRM is a multi-tenant architecture. which means that multiple users can share the common technology and share the common release. Since the CRM takes of all the necessary infrastructure, you people can concentrate more on innovation rather than the infrastructure management

What are the services that the salesforce offer?

To get a better understanding of salesforce, you need to know about its products and services that the salesforce offers to its products. Because, with this CRM, you can access a wide range of products and services in the cloud, social as well as the mobile domains. They are as follows:

Sales Cloud:

As a CRM platform, this sales cloud, enables you to manage the sales, marketing, and customer support facets. And this sales cloud suits best for both B2B and B2C  sales needs.

Marketing Cloud: 

This marketing cloud is one of the most powerful digital platforms. This cloud helps the marketers in your organization to manage the customer journey. This includes the customer journey, email, mobile social media,  web personalization,  content management, and data analytics

Service Cloud:

It is a service platform for your organization's customer service and the support team. It provides various features like case tracking, social networking plugin for conversation, and analytics. This cloud, not only helps agents to solve your customer faster but also provides customer access.

Community Cloud:

This community cloud is responsible for establishing the connection between your employees, partners, and customers and facilitate communication. Moreover, using Salesforce cloud platform you can exchange data and image in real-time

Commerce Cloud:  

This commerce cloud enables your organization to provide a seamless service and experience irrespective of your location. Besides, it also provides customer data integration to provide a better experience.

Analytics Cloud:

As the name indicates this analytics platform provides the business intelligence platform to work with large files, create graphs, charts, and other pictorial representations of the data. Moreover, this cloud platform is optimized for mobile access. Besides data visualization can be easily integrated with other salesforce tools

App Cloud:

This application cloud helps you to develop custom applications and run on the Salesforce platform. Besides, it provides a set of development tools that can utilize to develop custom applications. Some of them were Force.com, app exchange, Heroku,  thunder, sandbox, and so on.

Health Cloud:

This health cloud suits best for doctors. Through this cloud, doctors can log the patient's health at regular intervals.  Hence with this profile, we can establish the one-one by integrating the data from multiple sources.

Hence likewise, there are many services that the cloud CRM provides to the people. You people can get hands-on experience on these services from live experts online at Salesforce Online Course. I hope you have got an enough ideas on salesforce. You cawhat in get more when you enroll at the kits Salesforce Certification Course Also, check out Salesforce Interview Questions with answers and get placed in your repeated company.