What is Power BI?

Since the data generation is happening exponentially, the necessity of business intelligence tools has become more and more in today's world. In the previous article of this blog, we people have discussed regarding Cognos, but there are some other bi tools like power bi in the market. So today in this article, let us have a look  at power bi

Before going to move into the actual subject, let us have a quick look at

What is Business Intelligence?

The term business intelligence refers to the technologies, applications, and practices for the collection, integration, and presentation of the business information. This BI technology provides the historical, current, and predictive views of the business operations.  Today many tools work on business intelligence. Power BI is one of them, let us have quick of this microsoft BI tool

What is a Power BI?

It  is a Microsoft business intelligence platform. This BI tool provides non-technical users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing the data. Its interface simple to use for the users who were familiar with Excel. Moreover, Microsoft has developed the product very versatile which requires a little training. Today these tools are available for the users under the license. Besides Microsoft team has also made this product available for the user from small to mid-size business owners free of cost.

Moreover, users can also get this tool as an application platform for windows 10 called power bi desktop and also native mobile apps for Windows, Android as well as IOS. Besides, there is also a Power BI Server for the companies that must maintain their data and reports on-premises.  For that, this BI platform requires a special version of the application called Power BI Desktop for Power BI Report Server

Additionally, this platform gives you a productive platform and creative reports as well as the analytics. This microsoft BI suite provides multiple software connectors and services like Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service based on SaaS, and Power BI mobile apps for different mobile platforms. Among this Power BI, the desktop app is responsible to create reports, and Power BI Services are meant for publishing the reports, and finally, Power BI mobile app is used to view the reports as well as dashboards. Moreover, the desktop version of this platform is available on both 32-bit as well as the 64-bit operating system. Hence the users can get the latest version of this application at


These sets of services are used by business users to consume and build UI reports.

Why should you use this tool?

People prefer to utilize this powerful business intelligence tool  due to the following reasons:

  1. To utilize pre-built dashboards and reports for the SaaS Solutions
  2. To get the updates of a real-time dashboard
  3. Due to high security as well as a reliable connection to your data sources.
  4. To work with the Quick deployment, hybrid configuration, and the secure environment
  5. To explore the data using Natural Query language

Power BI Architecture:

Power BI is an architecture built on the top of Azure. Since there are multiple data sources that this tool is capable of connecting, this platform allows you to create reports and data visualizations on the data set. This platform gateway is connected to on-premise data sources to get continuous data for analytics and reporting. Moreover, Power BI Services are referred to as cloud services that are used to publish Power BI Reports and data visualizations. Besides using the power Bi app, users can connect to their data from anywhere.

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What are the components of Power BI?

This microsoft BI tool has several components. Let us discuss some of them:

Power Query :

Power Query is a data transformation and mash up engine. This enables you to discover, connect, combine, and refine the data sources to meet the required analysis. Moreover, we can download this as an add-on for excel and can be used as a part of Power BI Desktop

Power Pivot:

Power Pivot is a data modeling technique that lets you create data models, establish relationships, and create calculations. It uses the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language to model simple and complex data.

Power View:

Power View is a technology that is available in various places in regular use. Some of them were  Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Power BI. Besides, this powerful interactive platform lets you create interactive charts, graphs, maps as well as the other visual that brings data to life.

Power Map :

Power Map for Excel is a 3-D Visualization tool that lets you map your data and plot more than millions of rows of data visually on Bing maps in 3-D format. This platform gets the data from various sources like Excel table (or) the data model in an Excel table. This component suits best with bing maps to get the best visualization based on longitude, latitude, and the street address information

Power BI Desktop:

It is a development tool for Power Query, Power Pivot, and Power View. Since this platform Desktop version is capable of providing everything under the same solution, it is easier to develop BI and data analysis experience.

Power Q& A:

This platform lets you explore your data in your own words.  It is the fastest way to get the answer to your data using natural language.

This powerful business intelligence tool is capable of converting the data from different sources to interactive dashboards as well as the BI reports.

Power BI Key features:

Power BI has many key features since its inception. Some of them include:

Artificial intelligence:

Using AI, users can access image recognition and text analytics in Power BI. Moreover, they can create machine learning models using automated machine learning capabilities and integrate with Azure machine learning

Hybrid Deployment support:

This feature provides inbuilt connectors that allow the microsoft BI platform to connect with various data sources like Salesforce, Microsoft.

Quick Insights:

This business intelligence is capable of creating the user  data subsets  and automatically apply analytics to that information

Common data model Support:

This microsoft BI tool Support for common data allows the users to verbally query data using natural language and access the results


This feature in Microsoft business intelligence platform allows you to change the default visualization and reporting tools. Moreover, this tool is also capable of importing the new tools into the platform

APIs for integration:

This feature provides the developers with a sample code and application performance Interfaces (APIs) for embedding the microsoft BI dashboard into other software products.

Hence likewise, there are many excellent features of this business intelligence platform. You people can get practical knowledge on this platform through Power BI Online Course. By reaching the end of the article, I hope you people have got an enough ideas regarding Power BI and its features. In the upcoming articles of this blog, I'll be sharing with you the details of  installation,  data connection.