What is Google Cloud Platform?

It seems difficult to sustain life in the IT industry without using the most common search engine like Google. This vendor is not only limited its services to the search engine but also has its roots in the area of cloud computing. Many IT companies today were utilizing this cloud computing for the smooth running of the business. According to recent statistics, 49% of IT professionals use the Google Cloud platform as the primary resource of computation. And the next followers were Microsoft Azure and Amazon web services with 48 % and 42 % of IT Professionals respectively. So with this, we can say Google Cloud platform stood at the top of cloud computing services. Hence, a question comes to your mind, “Even though Amazon, Azure, and other cloud computing services perform the same, why this cloud computing platform stood top?” If “YES”, continue your reading with

Why do we need Cloud Computing?

People prefer to utilize cloud computing services to scale the resources as per the demand at an affordable price. Moreover, we people opt for these cloud services to reduce infrastructure services. These kinds of services suit best for starters. The specialty of the cloud computing platform is, it provides a space for individuals as well as the enterprises to build and run the software. Google is one of the topmost vendors in providing cloud computing services.

Hence without wasting much time, let us have a quick discussion on

What is Google  Cloud Computing?

Google Cloud Platform is a suite of google public cloud computing services. This platform includes a range of hosted services for compute, storage, application development that runs on the Google hardware. Besides, these services can be easily accessed by software developers, cloud administrators, and other IT Professionals through a public (or) a dedicated Internet connection. This vendor provides excellent services to the people through the pay-as-you-go model. Besides this cloud computing platform makes use of internet remote servers to store, manage as well as process the data instead of local server  (or) the personal computer.

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Where do we can find this service?

Google has its data centers at several places across the globe. Some of them were North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Furthermore, these locations were further divided into regions and zones. These were the data center locations as of today. And this vendor is in a process of establishing the data centers in some more locations across the globe. Hence with this, the user can select the nearest region to get the unstoppable service with high availability of the service.


Whenever you launch an application (or) service,  on the google cloud platform, google keeps track of all the resource utilization. For instance, it records the processing power, data storage, database queries, and the network connectivity it consumes. Besides, one more advantage of this platform, when compared with its competitors, is, it allows the users to pay per second basis (competitors charges per minute basis) with additional offers.

What are the various services of this GCP?

As mentioned above, this platform has wide variety of services in its platform. Hence this platform has divided its services into several categories. Some of them were :

Computing: GCP provides wide range of computing options to satisfy the user requirement. Besides, it provides highly customizable virtual machines to deploy the code directly (or) through the virtual machines (VM’s). Some of the popular Google computing services are:

1.Compute Engine

 2.App Engine

3.Kubernetes Engine

4.Container Registry

5.Cloud function and so on

Networking:  This platform contains services related to networking. Some of the popular services were :

1.Google Virtual Private Cloud

2.Google Cloud load balancing

3.Google Cloud Interconnect

Big Data: Besides, it also provides the best services related to big data as follows :

1.Google Big Query

2.Google Cloud Data Proc

3.Google Cloud Data Lab

4.Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Developer Tools:

This platform provides the following services related to development. They are:

  1. Cloud SDK
  2. Deployment manager
  3. Cloud Source Repositories
  4. Cloud Test Lab

Management Tools:

This platform also provides services related to monitoring and management as follows:

  1. Stack driver
  2. Monitoring
  3. Logging
  4. Error reporting
  5. Trace
  6. Cloud Console

Besdies it also provides various services related to security, Cloud AI and many more.

Who is the Top user of this cloud computing platform?

Many people were utilizing this cloud computing service. Some of them were

Twitter: A popular social media platform that lets you share your view (or) the information. When people were tweeting more and more, the bulk amount of data gets generated. Hence this social media platform uses this cloud computing platform for storing as well as the computation purpose.

Paypal:  This platform use google cloud to increase security, build a faster network, and develop services to its customers.

eBay: It utilizes the google services to innovate the image search, improve the customer experiences, train the transition models.

HSBC: By the utilization of these services, this platform able to bring a new level of security, compliance as well as governance to its banks.

What are the advantage of this platform?

This platform has multiple advantages. Some of them were :

  1. Good Documentation: This cloud computing platform has good documentation for every service that easier for the newbie to make the utilization of the service
  2. Multiple Storage Classes: This platform contains multiple classes according to the Regional(frequent), Nearline ( infrequent), and the cold line use (Long-term)
  3. High Availability: This platform is pretty sure that data is safe even in the situation of the simultaneous loss of two disks.
  4. Multi-Region Availability: As mentioned above, Google has multiple data centers across the globe, the user has an option of selecting the nearest region to enjoy the uninterrupted service


Hence likewise, there are many other advantages of this cloud computing service. Moreover, these people were adding more and more features as per the market need. You people can get practical exposure to these services when you enroll for the Google Cloud  Online Course. By reaching the end of this blog, I hope you people have acquired enough idea regarding the need and utilization of these services. In the upcoming articles of this blog, I'll be sharing the details of creating an account in GCP and the utilization of each service in detail.