What is DevOps?

DevOps is the most powerful as well as the most popular platform that is being used by many companies in today's world. This DevOps culture is being used by many organizations in the IT World today. Hence today, in this article, let us have an overview of DevOps Before knowing the overview of DevOps, let us walk through its neeed.

Need for DevOps:

Before the arrival of DevOps principles companies used to adopt various software development models like the Waterfall model. Waterfall Software development is a sequential model. Hence if one phase in the model fails, the process needs to start from the beginning. Hence we can say this as a repetitive process. Moreover, it increases the time complexity of software development. Hence to overcome these kinds of problems, we need an agile approach. Then at this movement, DevOps principles came into existence.

What is DevOps?

Many newbies argue that DevOps is a tool. Some others say that it is a framework and a few others say it is a cloud computing platform, if you belong to the same, then you are misunderstood.  This is because it  does not belong to any of these. DevOps is a combination of two words like Development and Operations. It belongs to the set of principles that is responsible for increasing the agility of Development as well as the operations teams. These principles were designed to increase the collaboration of Development as well as the operations teams. These principles were designed to overcome the problem of the traditional software model. Moreover,   these principles were designed to increase the efficiency of software development with fewer life cycles. Moreover, these  principles accelerate the process of developing software applications and software services at high speed and high velocity. So many organizations adopt these principles as early as possible. Moreover, by applying these principles we can detect the bugs at the early stage and also minimize the risk factor of the application.

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Where did DevOps Come from?

It is an off-spring of agile development. This was born to increase the velocity of the project and the throughput agile methods have achieved. The need for agile development shows the ways to the origin of these principles .

What is the goal of DevOps?

The main goal of these principles  is to improve the collaboration between the stakeholders from planning to delivery through the delivery of the automation process to achieve the following goals. They are to: a)Improve the deployment frequency b)Achieve faster time to market c)Lower failure  of new releases d)shorten the lead time between fixes e)Improve the meantime to recovery

What are the advantages of the DevOps approach?

Every decision in the organization is the key factor in the organization's growth. As mentioned above, today most organization adopt this approach due to the following reasons:

Smart Collaboration:

This is the base of DevOps approach. And it also considered as the biggest benefit of the many application. Moreover, well-established communication between the team members saves a lot of time. Besides, this smooth collaboration reduces a lot of frazzled nerves and also reduces the waiting time. Moreover, it also reduces the bus factor.


DevOps principles were applied from the beginning to the project to scale the project as much as possible. Moreover, the principles were designed in such a way that it takes less time to scale the project environment.


Many developers today say that it is the most important factor that many people today adopt this principle.  All the products built using the these principles consist of small, independent modules where the developers can easily replace, change the components whenever required. Moreover, DevOps agility can be easily configured at any moment


Since the projects were very huge, maintaining the backup of the application is essential for the smooth running of the project. So these principles do have the capability of maintaining the last working copy. Hence in the case of event disaster, we can instantly set up the recovery (or) the rollback process. This makes the application availability with zero downtime

Speed :

As mentioned above, all the above principles were designed in such a way these principles were capable of exposing all the above-mentioned features at great speed within a short period. Moreover, the need for the these principles increases w.r.t the project complexity Hence likewise, many advantages of utilizing the these  principles in the market today. Besides many tools like docker, chef, puppet, ansible work on the these principles. And Companies were paying the best salaries to the DevOps AWS professionals.

Hence get certified  by  live experts training  at DevOps Online Course I hope you people have gained enough knowledge DevOps definition. In the upcoming, Ill be sharing the knowledge on the life Cycle, tools,  methodologies, principles, and so on. Follow this blog to acquire the best knowledge of various IT platforms