What is Azure?

Do you belong to  the lover to the cloud computing platform like Azure? Would you like to know it from the roots? Why it has become a buzzword in the IT industry.  Do you have all these points in your mind? Are surfing the internet to get answers to all these questions? Then stop surfing the internet and start reading. This article on Azure is another example to shows you the need for cloud computing and its importance in the IT industry. Even though many cloud providers like Amazon started providing their services the supply amount of these services was not up to the demand. So many vendors were competing with another to provide interactive services. One of those popular competitors is Azure.

What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure, formerly known as Windows Azure is a  Microsoft public cloud computing environment.  This platform provides a wide range of services including compute, storage, networking, and networking. Here the users can pick and scale these services to develop and scale applications (or) run the existing applications in the public cloud. This Azure platform aims to help business challenges and meet their organizational goals.  It offers tools that support all industries including e-commerce, finance, and a variety of fortune 500 companies.  This platform is compactable with various open-source technologies. This platform is capable of four cloud computing platforms like: a)Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas) b)Platform as a Service(Paas) c)Software as a Service (Saas) and d)Server less Besides, this cloud computing platform is an online portal that allows you to access and manage cloud services provided by Microsoft. These services and resources include storing your data and transforming it depending on your requirements. To access all these services, you need an active internet connection and the ability to access the Azure portal. This platform lets you add cloud capabilities to your existing network. This platform provides secure, reliable access to your cloud-hosted data.  This platform has been increasing the array of products and services to meet client requirements. Do you wanna know more about this platform? Then visit Azure Online Training

Why do we need Azure?

We do require the Azure cloud computing platform due to the following reasons.

Application Development: We people can develop any kind of application using this platform. Testing: After the app development, you people can test the application easily.

Hosting: Once the development was done, you people can host the application.

Virtual Environment Creation: You people can create virtual machines of any environment in this cloud computing platform.

Integrate and Sync: This platform lets you integrate  and sync virtual devices and directories .

Collect and Store metrics:  This platform lets you store and collect metrics which helps you to find what works perfectly

Virtual hard drives: These were the extensions of virtual machines that provide a huge amount of data storage.

What is the use of Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure consists of numerous offerings.  Running virtual machines (or) containers is one of the most popular uses of Microsoft azure. Moreover, these compute resources, can host multiple infrastructure components such as Domain Name System (DNS) servers,  Windows Server services such as Internet Information System (or) third party applications. Besides, it also supports the use of other operating systems like Linux.  Moreover, this platform also suits best for backup and disaster discovery.

How to use the Azure Server?

There is nothing specific requirement to use Azure Services. In order to use the Azure Services, you just need to sign up at the Official Azure website. After, successful signup and logging in you will be logging into the Azure cloud computing platform. Once you enter into this platform, you will be able to get access to the number of services in  Azure cloud computing platform for free for 12 months. Some of those services include access to Linux virtual machines, windows virtual machines, File Storage, databases as well as the bandwidth. This cloud platform is useful for the people who want to host services (or) develop the application. Through this cloud computing services, you will able save money by letting the Microsoft platform to handle the infrastructure.

What is the application of this Cloud computing Services?

Microsoft cloud computing platform is a fast, flexible, and affordable platform. Many IT Professional suggests that this platform suits best among the other public cloud offerings in the market. Now let us have a look where this cloud computing platform is useful.

Backup and  Disaster Recovery:

This cloud computing platform suits best for backup and the disaster recovery platform. This platform is flexible to backup your data in any language, OS as well as the location. Besides you, people can also define the frequency and the extent of your backup schedule.  Tap backup the data, this platform usually has time and space, but has limited abilities as a stand-alone backup and disaster recovery solution. Since the vendor stores three copies of data in three different locations of the data center and another three copies of data in a remote data center there is no point for loss of data.

Host and Develop mobile and Desktop Apps:

If you are looking for a platform to host, develop and manage the web  (or) mobile apps, azure makes those apps autonomous and adaptive with patch management, Auto scale, and the integration for on-premises applications. Moreover, with automatic patch management for virtual machines, you can spend less time managing the infrastructure and focus on improving your apps. Since this platform comes with continuous deployment support this allows you to streamline the on-going code updates.

Distribute and supplement Active directory:

This platform Is capable of integrating the active directory to supplement your identity and access capabilities. This includes global reach, centralized management, and robust security. Hence through this cloud computing platform, you can globally distribute an active directory environment where the direct connect is enabled. No other cloud provider can extend the reach of your domain controller and consolidate the AD management. For an instance, if you have multiple locations (or) use of on-premises apps like Microsoft 365.  Active directory integration with Azure will be a central tool for managing and maintaining access to all of these tools

Innovate with IoT Solutions:

The Scalability, flexibility, and the security of the Azure platform makes the perfect resources for the companies moving towards IoT Solutions. Moreover, you can connect your devices to the cloud using solutions using solutions that can integrate your existing infrastructure and start collecting the new data about your company. Moreover, through Azure IOT hub you can monitor and manage billions of devices and gain insights. This helps us to make better decisions improves customer experiences, reduce complexity, lowers the cost, and speed up the development. Likewise, there are many other applications of the Azure Cloud platform which were in use by IT people across the globe. And you people can get practical exposure to this platform by live experts with practical use cases at Azure Online Course.

Final Words:

By reaching the end of this blog, I hope you people have got enough ideas on Azure regarding its need, application in the IT industry. In the upcoming posts of this, ill be sharing the details of  various services of this platform and its application with practical use cases.