What is AWS?

Many people in today's world say technology has changed the things around us in a different way.  Let us consider it with an example. In the olden days, if the company wants to have a physical presence in the technological space they need to have a data center, a place to host computers, and IT Team to run everything. Besides, they also need backup, redundant power, and also temperature control to run the machines. In simple words, it requires a lot of resources, time, and effort to run the firm successfully. But to set up all these, it cost high, where the companies were not in a position to afford? Hence we need a solution to overcome this problem. AWS is the best solution to this problem.

Do you know what is AWS? How does it help solve the problems? Read the complete article to know the details.

AWS is an Amazon cloud computing platform that offers a flexible, scalable, reliable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions.

Before going to know AWS, let us initially have a look at cloud computing

What is Cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is defined as the on-demand availability of system resources. These include data storage, computing power without user interaction. This term is generally used to describe data centers available to multiple users over the internet.

Since we people have got enough idea regarding Cloud Computing, let us move into the actual concept

What is AWS?

It is a comprehensive cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. This platform is developed with the combination of Infrastructure as a service (Iaas), Software as a Service(Saas), and other packaged software as services(Saas) offerings. It was initially launched in 2006 from the internal infrastructure that Amazon.com is capable of building online retail operations. It was the first company to introduce pay as you go, model. Besides, it scales to provide the users with computing storage, throughput as needed.

AWS offers many different tools and solutions for enterprises and software developers that can be used in data centers up to 190 countries. This cloud computing service is capable of providing servers, storage networking, remote computing, email, mobile development, and security. This AWS is broken into three different products like EC2, Virtual machine service, Glacier, low-cost cloud computing storage, S3, and so on.

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Why AWS?

Today many firms opt this cloud computing service due to exciting features. Let us have a quick look at why  people opt this cloud computing service

a)Cost Savings:

Since this cloud computing service is capable of providing all the required services to the users, there is no necessity of setting up the hardware set up (or)  buying the software license. Hence as mentioned above, users can get all the desired services at a minimum price.


Scalability is the most important factor in the utilization of cloud computing services. This cloud computing platform is capable of scaling the cloud services as per demand. Hence cloud computing users can pay only for the amount of the service utilized but for the infrastructure cost. This feature suits best for the start-up to get the desired services at low prices.

c)Security and Reliability:

When compared to its hosting services, AWS is the best option in providing security to its users.  As mentioned above, this cloud computing service has dozens of data centers across the globe. Hence the data lost in the data center will be replicated by the other data center. So there is no point of data loss in the cloud computing platforms.

What are the important Amazon Web Services?

There are many Cloud Computing services that Amazon offers to its users. Let us have a quick look at those services:

Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2):

It is a virtual machine in the cloud on which you have an OS-level control. And you can run this cloud server as per the requirement.

Light Sail:

This is responsible to manage the computer, network, storage required to run the applications.

Elastic Beanstalk:

It is capable of offering automated deployment and provisioning of resources like a highly scalable production website.


It is the biggest cost saver to run various kinds of functions in the cloud. Besides, the user here needs to pay only for the functions they use.

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These are the most common features of Amazon Web Services. Moreover, there are some other services in different categories as follows:

a)Database Services: RDS, Dynamo DB, Elastic Cache,  Redshift

b)Analytics: Athena, Cloud Search, Elastic Search

c)Management Services: Cloud Watch, Cloud formation

d)Internet of Things(IoT): IoT Core, Device Management, IoT Analytics

e)Application Services: Step functions, SNS, SQS

f)Deployment and Management: Cloud trail. Cloud Watch

g)Developer Tools: Code Star, Code Commit, Code Build

h)Artificial Intelligence: Lex, Polly, Sage maker

Advantages of AWS:

  1. It allows the user to use the already familiar models, operating systems, databases, and architectures
  2. It allows users to utilize the services at low cost
  3. Does not require to spend money on running and maintaining data centers
  4. Offers fast deployments
  5. Offers centralized billing and management
  6. Offer hybrid capabilities
  7. Allows you to deploy your application in multiple regions within a few click

Application of Amazon Web Services:

Due to its extreme advantages, this cloud computing platform has many advantages across the globe. Let us have a quick look over the application of Amazon Web Services:

  1. Web site hosting
  2. Application hosting
  3. Media hosting
  4. Content delivery
  5. Storage, back up and disaster delivery
  6. Search Engines
  7. Social networking
  8. Academic Computing and so on.

Disadvantages of AWS :

  1. To get immediate support, you will have to opt for paid support
  2. Have some common cloud computing services when you move to a cloud
  3. The default limits of various services vary from region to the region. This resource may contain images, volumes, and snapshots
  4. Change in hardware level to your application affects the performance of the applications

Nothing in this world is 100% useful. We cannot find the platform with zero disadvantages. Besides these minor disadvantages, Amazon web services is the best cloud computing platform to develop applications across the globe at minimal infrastructure. And this platform suits best for developing tiny to larger applications.

I hope, you people have got enough ideas regarding AWS. In the upcoming posts, Ill be sharing the detailed information on each of these services. Get hands-on experience on these services by live industry experts with live use cases at AWS Online Course. Also, have a look at our AWS Interview Questions and get placed in a reputed firm