Automating Functional Testing using Selenium | KITS Online Trainings

Automating Functional Testing using Selenium

Development teams work under a lot of pressure to deliver the products at a great speed for high-quality output. Because the application won't go live only if the UI looks good. It goes live only after testing the product using multiple cases. In some cases, the developers/tester may miss cross-checking of application functionality due to the availability of multiple features in an application. So

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Top reasons why Salesforce rules the Business World? | KITS Online Trainings

Top reasons why Salesforce rules the Business World?

Growing the business is not easy. It requires boosting sales w.r.t the time. A business will be successful only if it follows a systematic and efficient way of gathering the leads that can be converted to sales that ultimately makes the loyal customers. Gathering the leads and converting them into sales is a difficult task without the use of the proper CRM. Salesforce is the largest supplier of pr

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How to start using DevOps? | KITS Online Trainings

How to start using DevOps?

The popularity of DevOps has been rising from the past decade especially among large enterprises and innovative start-ups. Despite this, there is a lot of confusion about the term DevOps. So what is DevOps exactly? Some people say it’s software while some others say it’s a platform/tool to perform some operations. Does any of your answers match the mentioned one? If So, you have gone wrong. Be

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What is Python used for? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Python used for?

Python has become the most popular language in recent years. This programming language has become more popular due to its wide range of applications. We can apply python programming from machine learning to build websites and software testing, self-driving cars. It can be used by both developers and non-developers alike. Besides this, python can also be applied in Data Science, Software Developmen

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What's New in JAVA 17 | KITS Online Trainings

What's New in JAVA 17

This blog post is an example to show you JAVA is a Ever Green Programming language. Even though many programming languages arose after this language, this programming language stood on the top of all other programming languages. Java programming language continuous to be a choice for developers as well as the enterprises to build a high scalable, superior and secure software application across the

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What are the popular DevOps tool in 2021? | KITS Online Trainings

What are the popular DevOps tool in 2021?

Agile is the most important principle for any software operation to work.  And the Development, as well as the Operations teams, should work together to the agility of the process. The Traditional approaches fail to produce continuous development and the integration process in the software development life cycle. Then the DevOps came into existence to enable the continuity for the development and

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What is Oracle SOA? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Oracle SOA?

An application can be developed in multiple ways. For instance, in some cases, an application can be developed using a different platform as per the requirement of the client.  Even though the application development on different platforms produces the same result the cost of the development varies. Moreover, the add-ons to the application on different variations in different parameters like cost

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What is Workday? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Workday?

Workday is a cloud-based vendor that specialized in Financial Management and human capital management  applications.  This vendor releases its first product in 2006. The first product is known as Human Capital Management. In the next years, it releases various products like Financial suite, Financial management. This workday HCM has worked over years, to make the financial software more competi

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What is Office 365? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Office 365?

Microsoft is the largest and the oldest vendor started offering its products like Word, PowerPoint, excel from 1974. Today every computer user was very familiar with these Microsoft products. This is one of the most popular software suites in the world. These suites were being used by 1.5billion people worldwide. If you take the analysis of the past 3 decades, we cannot find a person who uses the

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What is Linux? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Linux?

Linux is the widely used operating system that is used in most security areas like banking across the globe. Many firms use this operating system to enhance security and increase data confidentiality from hackers. Even though many operating systems were available in the market, the importance of this operating system has not decreased in the market. Do you know why? Read the following article to k

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What is Ab initio? | KITS Online Trainings

What is Ab initio?

Data plays a major role today.  Whether it’s a start-up (or) a well-established company data is essential. Depending on the size of the company, people store this data in various places like a data warehouse, data mart with secured encryption. Since the data gets generated from different sources, it would be in multiple formats like xlsx, PDFs,.doc. .txt . So we need to convert these multiple f

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What is MuleSoft? | KITS Online Trainings

What is MuleSoft?

  Mule is one of the popular Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This is a software integration platform responsible to connect data, devices, and applications on many cloud computing platforms.  This is completely a java based platform and is capable of connecting other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  This Mulesoft works on a run time engine called Anypoint.   History of Mulesoft

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