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What is Hadoop?

In the previous articles of this blog, we people have seen the need and importance of big data and its application in the IT industry. But there are some problems related to big data. Hence to overcome those problems, we need a framework like Hadoop to process the big data. This article on Hadoop gives […]

What is IoT?

The way of people living in the 21st century has brought drastic change due to the high availability of the internet around us. There are multiple examples around us to explain how the internet has brought changes in our daily life. This article on IoT gives you detail information on how it has changed the […]

What is Angular JS?

The website is the basic need for marketers to reach a mass number of people. With the high availability of content management systems, website development has become a cakewalk in the IT World. But we cannot except the best website unless you develop using best platform. So what does it mean the best website? A […]

What is Google Cloud Platform?

It seems difficult to sustain life in the IT industry without using the most common search engine like Google. This vendor is not only limited its services to the search engine but also has its roots in the area of cloud computing. Many IT companies today were utilizing this cloud computing for the smooth running […]

What is MSBI?

The need for Business Intelligence tools does not exhaust as long as IT and the internet exist around us. So many business intelligence vendors were adding more and more features to these tools for quick analysis of the data. This article on MSBI is another example to let you know their need and importance of […]

What is Power BI?

Since the data generation is happening exponentially, the necessity of business intelligence tools has become more and more in today’s world. In the previous article of this blog, we people have discussed regarding Cognos, but there are some other bi tools like power bi in the market. So today in this article, let us have […]