Up Coming Demo’s : 18th Sep - RPA@09:00AM(IST) 18th Sep - SAP Basis@08:00PM(IST) 19th Sep - Advanced Java@08:00AM(IST) 19th Sep - Google Cloud@10:00AM(IST) 19th Sep - SAP Fico@12:00PM(IST) 19th Sep - Oracle Apps@08:00PM(IST) 21st Sep - MSBI@06:00AM(IST) 21st Sep - Tableau@07:00AM(IST) 21st Sep - MySQL@09:00AM(IST) 21st Sep - Linux@08:30PM(IST) 22nd Sep - Splunk@07:00AM(IST) 22nd Sep - Hibernate@08:00AM(IST) 22nd Sep - install shield@09:00AM(IST) 22nd Sep - Data Stage@10:00PM(IST) Refer to your friends and relatives to enroll for the demo session and makes their dream comes true - All the Best