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KITS Online Training Institute provides best vmware online training by our highly professional certified trainers. VMware provides cloud and virtualization software and services and claims to be the first to successfully virtualize the x86 architecture commercially. VMware’s desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MAC OS X, while its Enterprise Software hypervisors for servers, VMware ESX and VMware ESXi, are bare-metal hypervisors,that run directly on server hardware without requiring an additional underlying Operating System. We are delighted to be one of the best leading IT online training with best experienced IT professionals and skilled resources. We have been offering courses to consultants, companies so that they can meet all the challenges in their respective technologies.We also provide similar courses like DevopsOnline Training

VMwareVsphere Install Configure and Manage for Vsphere 6.0


Vsphere 6.0




Lesson objectives:

Hands-on instruction andpracticeinstalling andconfiguring

Vsphere 6.0




Required 24GBPhysicalMachine for Individual Practice with


VMWare Vsphere Online Training Course Content

About Virtualization

  • Virtualization Basics
  • AboutHypervisor andDifferentTypesofHypervisor
  • VMware HistoryandVMware Products
  • VMware CertificationsandCourseSchedules
  • DataCentreVirtualization


  • IntroduceComponentsofVirtualizedDatacenter
  • Install andUseVsphereClient


  • Virtual MachineHardware
  • Virtual MachineFiles
  • CreatingVirtual Machines
  • DeployingWindows and LinuxMachines


  • VcentreServer Architecture
  • VcentreServer SingleSign on,PlatformServices
  • Controller,,InstallandUseWebSphere Client
  • IntroduceVsphere VcentreAppliance


  • CreateandManageStandard Switch
  • ModifyStandard Switch Properties


  • Introductionto StorageProtocols
  • Configure ESXiwith ISCSI,NFS andFiber SAN
  • CreateandManageVsphere Datastores


  • UseTemplatesandCloningtoDeployVirtualMachines
  • ModifyandManageVirtual Machines
  • CreateandManageVirtual Machines Snapshots
  • PerformvMotion andStoragevMotion
  • CreateaVsphereVAPP
  • ConfiguringVFRC
  • Introduction toContentlibrary

Access andAuthentication Control

  • Control User Access throughRolesandPermissions
  • Configure andManageESXIFirewall
  • Configure ESXILockDown

ResourceManagementand Migration

  • IntroduceVirtual CPUandMemoryConcepts
  • Optimizing CPU andMemoryConcepts
  • Migration & types of migration

HighAvailabilityand Fault Tolerance

  • VsphereHigh AvailabilityArchitecture
  • Configure andManageHACluster
  • IntroduceVsphere Fault Tolerance


  • Vsphere DPM cluster

Patch Management

  • UseUpdateManager toManageESXIPatching
  • InstallVsphereUpdateManager andUpdate Manager Plugin
  • CreatePatchBaselines
  • ScanandRemediate Hosts

Highlights of VMWare Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for VMWare Online Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies  for VMWare Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for VMWare Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

What is VMware?

VMware was founded by Diane Greene, Scott Devine, Mendel Rosenblum, Edward Wang and Edouard Bugnion, which launched its first product VMware Workstation in 1999 and released its second product in 2001 it is VMware ESX.

VMware is a subsidiary of dell technologies. It provides virtualization and cloud computing software.

Based upon bare-metal hypervisor ESX/ESXi in x86 architecture VMware developed its virtualization technologies.

A hypervisor is installed on the physical server with VMware server virtualization to allow for multiple virtual machines (VMs) to run on the same physical server.

We can run multiple Operating Systems on single physical server why because each virtual machine runs its own Operating System.

All virtual machines which are installed on single physical system are share resources like RAM and Network of the physical server.

Different Products from VMware:

  • Desktop software
  •  Server software
  •  Cloud management software
  •  Application management Products
  •  Storage and Availability Products
  •  Networking and security products

Vmware Infrastructure And Usage Of Each Block:

vmware online training

VirtualCenter Server :

The central point for configuring, provisioning, and managing virtualized IT environments.

VMware Infrastructure Client (VI Client): An interface that allows users to connect remotely to the VirtualCenter Server or individual ESX Servers from any Windows PC.

VMware Infrastructure Web Access (VI Web Access):  A Web interface that allows virtual machine management and access to remote consoles.

VMware Virtual Machine File System (VMFS): A high‐performance cluster file system for ESX Server virtual machines.

VMware Virtual Symmetric Multi‐Processing (SMP): Feature that enables a single virtual machine to use multiple physical processors simultaneously.

VMware VMotion™ and VMware Storage VMotion:

VMware VMotion enables the live migration of running virtual machines from one physical server to another with zero downtime, continuous service availability, and complete transaction integrity. VMware Storage VMotion enables the migration of virtual machine files from one data store to another without service interruption.

VMware High Availability (HA) :

The feature that provides easy‐to‐use, cost‐effective high availability for applications running in virtual machines. In the event of server failure, affected virtual machines are automatically restarted on other production servers that have spare capacity.

VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS):

The feature that allocates and balances computing capacity dynamically across collections of hardware resources for virtual machines. This feature includes distributed power management (DPM) capabilities that enable a data center to significantly reduce its power consumption.

VMware Consolidated Backup (Consolidated Backup): Feature that provides an easy‐to‐use, centralized facility for agent‐free backup of virtual machines. It simplifies backup administration and reduces the load on ESX Servers.

VMware Infrastructure SDK: Feature that provides a standard interface for VMware and third‐party solutions to access the VMware Infrastructure.

·         VMware ESX Server is the building block of VMware Infrastructure

·         VMware Virtual SMP provides Multi-processor virtual machines for demanding workloads

·         VMware VMFS enables innovative distributed services

·         VMware VirtualCenter manages all VMware Infrastructure

·         VMware VMotion enables the live migration of virtual machines across hosts

·         VMware DRS enables 80% utilization with guaranteed service levels

·         VMware HA provides easy to use, cost-effective high availability

·         VMware Consolidated Backup delivers LAN-free backup with zero downtime

·         VMware Infrastructure 3 is available in Starter, Standard and Enterprise editions

Advantages of VMware Infrastructure:

·         VMware Infrastructure Lowers Costs

·         Implement Server Consolidation and Containment while Maximizing Server Utilization

·         Enable Enterprise-wide Standardization

·         Reduce Business Unit to IT Coordination Costs

·         Streamline Software Development & Testing

·         Enable Enterprise-wide Standardization

·         VMware Infrastructure Simplifies Management

·         Streamline IT Operations and Increase Administrator Productivity

·         Securely Centralize Datacenter Management

·         Ensure Consistent Server Builds

·         Simplify Legacy Software Migration

·         VMware Infrastructure Increases Agility

·         Improve Success Rates for Patch Roll-outs

·         Instantly Provision New Servers

·         Deploy Virtual Appliances to Simplify Change Management

·         Isolate Faults and Security at the Hardware Level

·      Enable All Applications to Benefit from High-End Hardware Performance and Reliability Gains

·         Provide Advanced Business Continuity Protection with Simple & Rapid Disaster Recovery

·         Enable Zero-downtime Maintenance

·         Deliver Utility Computing to Business Units with Guaranteed Service Levels

Why should we learn VMware?

·         Everything is changing to Virtualization.

·         VMware is one of the biggest vendors in the virtualization

·         The demand for VMware skills is high

·         You’ll benefit from testing and snapshots

·         It offers Fault Tolerance (FT) and High Availability (HA)


What Will You Learn After Completion Of The Course?

At the end of the VMWare training, you will be able to perform,

  • Virtualization techniques
  • Vmware vspear 6
  • Implementation & administrating the VMWare virtualization environment

What are the Prerequisites for VMware Training?

Our Experienced trainers will teach from basics if you have Knowledge in windows admin and Operating system is an added advantage for this course.

Course Finished Certificate :

After finish, the course we provide VMware course finished certificate of kits technologies looks like

vmware online training



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Instructor has a good hold on the subject and has lot of patience to take all possible questions from the participant. Appreciate all the analogies presented to explain the subject in a layman's language. It became really easy to correlate and make you remember and relate to the concept in a very easy way,Thank KITS!!


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The online Course MSBI, which i took from KITS was interactive and also helped me to improve my knowledge on MSBI. Further helped me in changing the job as well. Thanks KITS Team... 🙂

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Thank you Team kits! for helping me learn Abinitio training. The best thing about kits! is the super-supportive training team. They are there to guide you at every step, 24/7. In fact, it was the passion of the trainers that inspired in me a whole new energy

Very good institute for AWS

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I took AWS online classes with KITS Technologies and my instructor was Mr. Phani. Just wanted to let you know that I was successfully able to pass the AWS Certified exam couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed learning the concepts of Amazon web server through kits by the excellent laid out structure. Mr. Phani's method of teaching was very helpful. During the classes he went over the concepts in detail and also clarified all the questions very patiently. He also shared his real world experiences which helped the student to relate to the topic. Even after the completion of course work, while reviewing the chapters in Videos , I struggled in few areas and when I reached out to Mr. phani without any hesitation he explained it to me by providing some good examples.

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It has been a wonderful experience. All the staff members are really helpful.

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