KITS Online Training Institute is one of the best training institute in leading IT online training. We provide best SCCM 2012 online training with our highly professional real time trainers. System Center Configuration Manager(SCCM) 2012 is a comprehensive solution to assess, deploy and update enterprise servers, client servers and devices. SCCM 2012 gives enhanced control across all the IT systems and also ensures compliance with the desired configurations to improve systems availability, security and performance. We do Real Time Support and This course equips System Engineers and System Administrators with skills to plan, deploy and manage a windows based domain environment. SCCM 2012 is the new and improved version of SCCM 2007. KITS  also do corporate training and help them to train their employees and also we are offering other courses like SCOM Online Training

Highlights of SCCM 2012 Online training:-

*  Very in depth course material with Real Time Scenarios for each topic with its Solutions for SCCM 2012  Online Trainings.

*  We Also provide Case studies  for SCCM 2012  Online Training.

*  We do Schedule the sessions based upon your comfort by our Highly Qualified Trainers and Real time Experts.

*  We provide you with your recorded session for further Reference.

* We also provide Normal Track, Fast Track and Weekend Batches also for SCCM 2012  Online Training.

* We also provide Cost Effective and Flexible Payment Schemes.

SCCM 2012 Course Content

Overview of System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager

  • Introduction to System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • Overview of System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Architecture
  • Overview of the Configuration Manager Site System Roles
  • Overview of the Configuration Manager Optional Site System Roles
  • Overview of Configuration Manager Deployment Scenarios
  • Overview of the Configuration Manager Client

Planning and Deploying a Stand-Alone Primary Site

  • Planning a Configuration Manager Stand-Alone Primary Site Deployment
  • Preparing to Deploy a Configuration Manager Primary Site
  • Installing a Configuration Manager Site Server
  • Performing Post-Setup Configuration Tasks
  • Tools for Monitoring and Troubleshooting a Configuration Manager Site

Discovering and Organizing Resources

  • Configuring Boundaries and Boundary Groups
  • Configuring Resources Discovery
  • Configuring User and Device Collections
  • Configuring Role-Based Administration

Managing the Configuration Manager Client Agent

  • Overview of the configuration Manager Client Agent
  • Deploying Configuration Manager Client Agents
  • Managing Client Settings in Configuring Manager

Managing Inventory and Software Metering

  • Overview of Inventory Collection
  • Configuring Hardware Inventory
  • Configuring Software Inventory
  • Managing Inventory Collection
  • Configuring Asset Intelligence
  • Configuring Software Metering

Querying and Reporting Data

  • Introduction to Queries
  • Managing Queries
  • Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services

Managing Software Deployments by Using Packages and Programs

  • Configuring Software Distribution
  • Configuring Packages and Programs
  • istributing Content to Distribution Points
  • Deploying Programs to Configuration Manager Clients

Creating and Deploying Applications

  • Overview of Application Management
  • Creating Applications
  • Deploying Applications
  • Managing Applications

Deploying and Managing Software Updates

  • Overview of Software Updates
  • Preparing the Configuration Manager Site for Software Updates
  • Managing software Updates
  • Configuring Automation Deployment Rules
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Software Updates

Implementing Endpoint Protection by Using System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager

  • Overview of Endpoint Protection in Configuration Manager
  • Configuring and Monitoring Endpoint Protection Policies

Managing Operating System Deployment

  • Overview of Operating System Deployment
  • Preparing the Site for Operating System Deployment
  • Capturing an Operating System Image
  • Deploying an Operating System

Managing Compliance Settings and profiles

  • Overview of Compliance Settings
  • Configuring Compliance Settings
  • Viewing Compliance Results
  • Creating Profiles

Mobile Device Management Using System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager

  • Overview of Mobile Device Management
  • Managing Mobile Devices by using the Windows Intune Connector
  • Deploying Application to Mobile Devices

Configuring Wake On LAN, Power Management, and Remote Control

  • Configuring Wake On LAN
  • Overview of Out of Band Management
  • Configuring Power Management Settings
  • Configuring Remote Control

Maintaining and Monitoring System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

  • Overview of Configuration Manager 2012 Site Maintenance
  • Performing Backup and Recovery of a Configuration Manager 2012 Site
  • Monitoring Configuration Manager 2012 Site Systems

History of SCCM:

System Center Configuration Manager has evolved since Microsoft originally released it as “Systems Management Server” in 1994.

Systems Management Server 1.0, released in 1994 along with Windows NT Server 3.5. The first release targeting on the management of the MS-DOS, Workgroups in Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh, LAN Manager and Path work networks.

Now it wills System Center Configuration Manager 1802, released in March 2018.

Block Diagram Of SCCM:

sccm online training

Why should you take SCCM course?

With the rising demand to support BYOD (bring your own devices) scenarios, organizations have struggled with the challenge of finding the exact balance between allowing their employees to choose which devices they use, while ensuring those gadgets approach the correct arrangement of uses while meeting corporate information assurance and consistency prerequisites. So there is a colossal interest for SCCM Admin in IT Industry.

Advantages Of SCCM:

Users can self-provision applications through an organization portal and check for compliance. Users will read, install, and they can run company applications across devices, as well as company LOB applications, web applications, and links to IT-recommended applications out there from public application stores.

Unify IT management infrastructure

SCCM gives us to continuous operations by consolidating the all client management and security in a single infrastructure.

It gives  to manage Windows PCs and servers, Macs, and Linux or Unix servers as well as mobile devices running Windows, iOS, and Android all are done through a single administrative console, and using a way that works the best for your organization through the conventional agent as well as via the cloud or on-premises MDM

It reduces the number of physical servers and primary and secondary sites and provides scalability enhancements. Supports installing sites in Azure Virtual Machines.

It wills Integrates work area security and consistency administration to ensure against malware through System Center Endpoint Protection, remediate vulnerabilities, and convey refreshes.

Simplify the IT administration

SCCM will give a scope to IT to provide applications to people in the best delivery mechanism for each application to a device based on the platform being used. It gives the ability to differentiate application installs between personal and corporate devices.

It will check that which devices are not up to date and then it will updates that devices and reports. It always keeps the Windows in up to date.

Windows 10 is moving faster than others, and Configuration Manager is designed with more frequent and easier to install updates directly from the management console to support new Windows, Configuration Manager, and mobile device management capabilities at much faster pace.

SCCM Components :

  • Policy Infrastructure
  • Service Window Manager
  • State System
  • Center Configuration Manager Scheduler (CCM Scheduler)
  • Center Configuration Manager Configuration Item Software Developers Kit (CCM CI SDK)
  • Desired Configuration Management Agent (DCM Agent)
  • Desired Configuration Management Reporting (DCM Reporting)
  • MTC
  • CI Agent
  • CI Store
  • CI Downloader
  • CI Task Manager
  • CI State Store
  • Content Infrastructure
  • Software Distribution
  • Reporting

Roles and Responsibilities of SCCM Administrator:

  • Maintain all aspects of Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • SCCM 2007 Design, deployment and infrastructure
  • Experienced and knowledgeable in SCCM
  • Infrastructure
  • Administrator Console
  • Software/Hardware Inventory
  • Client Health
  • Software distribution
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

What are the skills required for SCCM?

Our Experienced trainers will teach from basics if you have prior system admin and networking knowledge is an added advantage for this course.

Course Finished Certificate :

After finish, the course we provide SCCM2012 course finished certificate of kits technologies looks like

sccm online training




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